We Live For Hungover Sunday Brunch Recap With Our Girls

by Elite Daily Staff

What’s the best part of going out on a Saturday night? The hungover, laugh-aloud recap with our girlfriends on Sunday morning. As all ladies know, it is no-holds-bar when it comes to discussing last night’s events.

Sometimes, we even admit to hooking up with a less-than-stellar guy just for the common good, so we have a great story for the next morning (like the time we thought it would be funny to make-out with the Backstreet Boy bartender at Canal Room 90’s night…).

Brunch on Sundays, the viral web series featuring three quick-witted, sharp female friends, takes on the same format as our own rehash rituals. The women spill juicy details from their crazy weekend escapades and lend each other varying degrees of advice, while sipping on Bloody Marys and mimosas. It's reminiscent of our own group sessions, where we go over each member’s activities and debate topics like blacking out sex and daring to touch uncircumcised penises.

The videos are crass, vulgar and tackle relevant dating issues head-on. It’s a cross between "Girl Code" and "Sex and the City," which then meets "Bridesmaids" – and we totally can’t stop watching.

In fact, these women would make great additions to our own girl groups. To all the couples with young children, dudes and senior citizens at the tables near us trying to enjoy some Eggs Benedict and chocolate chip pancakes, we’re sorry we’re not sorry for the over-share.