Cozy Chic: 6 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter And Not Look Like A Slob


Ladies, we all have similar visions of the perfect, low-key evening holds. It probably includes some version of lying on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, with the lights dimmed while sipping cocoa and hiding in your favorite oversized hoodie from freshman year of college.

However, on nights (or days) when our calendars are more booked than usual, we can't rely on just yoga pants and sweatshirts for style. This struggle is even more prevalent during the brisk fall and winter months because, you know, we're really freaking cold.

Having to stuff ourselves into larger-than-life puffer coats or bulky trenches shouldn't be the automatic answer to solving our winter wardrobe woes.

We know it's hard to separate from that beloved sweatshirt your college boyfriend gave you, but out of the house, there are plenty of options for staying warm and looking sophisticated as winter approaches. Here are some examples:

Faux Fur Vest

Do you like the feeling of having that special someone's arm around your shoulder? If so, you may love the feeling of draping a fur vest over your shoulders just as much. Fur vests are the ultimate glam piece for any woman's winter wardrobe; they're luxurious, trendy and cozy.

Being both a classic texture and style, it's guaranteed that whatever vest you buy will last you for years to come. So long as you buy your vest in a neutral color, such as browns, creams or black, you'll be able to style it with anything in your closet.

Wear it with subtly ripped boyfriend jeans, a black blouse or black booties.

Funnel Top

With a combination of a turtleneck and dolman sleeves, a funnel-collared top is an updated version of the classic cape. In particular, these wide-set funnel tops can double for outerwear and as part of your daily ensemble.

While they're super comfortable and the high neck protects you from the wind-chill, they're also progressive pieces and trendy, yet professional layering that's appropriate for the office. Show your boss what you're made of.

Wear it with a loose white button-down, skinny black jeans or pointed-toe snakeskin flats.

Plaid Blanket Scarf

A flannel button-down is the fall uniform for girls all over the country. But, now that everyone wakes up in the morning, throws on plaid shirts and leggings and walks right out the door, it's time for this trend to get an upgrade. The blanket scarf is now trending and taking over.

And, blanket scarves are exactly what they sound like: scarves big enough to double as blankets. You can find so many different versions in different colors and cozy fabrics, and since most flannels combine bright colors with neutrals, they're an easy way to add vibrancy to a lazy wintry outfit.

Wear it with a cream-colored pullover, brown leather skirt, cream over-the-knee socks or chocolate riding boots.

Fluffy Cardigan

When the air starts to freeze up in the middle of fall, wouldn't you just love to throw a fleece blanket over your body and call it a day? Well, you can do exactly that with an oversized fluffy cardigan.

Oversized clothes are a closet staple, and this season, big sweaters and cardigans in the form of popcorn-knits, waffle knits and soft, fuzzy fabrics are all the rage. In an oversized silhouette, you can throw a fluffy sweater over practically anything in your closet, and no matter what, you'll still look chic and put-together.

Bonus: In some cases, a sweater this warm and big can even double as outerwear.

Wear it with an embellished shell, rinse wash or nude ballet flats.

Faux Fur Scarf

As the wind starts to pick up in the dog days of fall, your skin will start to suffer from chafing, which can be very unappealing in your chest and neck area. To avoid that – and the faux-pas of exposing dry, red skin – invest in a furry scarf.

Fur scarves are a luxurious winter option, and unlike the fur vest, you won't have to center your entire outfit on this piece. Rather, you can wear it with anything in your closet, from a denim jacket on the weekend to a blazer during the work week.

Wear it with a black leather jacket, graphic t-shirt, rolled up jeans or suede gray booties.

Embellished Pullover

Decked-out sweaters are the ultimate hack to speedy, yet stylish dressing. Not only are these rhinestone-clad pieces cute on the outside, but most are also typically made of a wool or cashmere blend. This means you won't have to rely on anything else (like a boyfriend) to keep you warm.

Wear it with a pleated black mini skirt or black leather riding boots.