10 Ways To Tame You Inner Bridezilla On The Lead-Up To Your Wedding


Even the coolest, calmest and most collected of gals can quickly morph into a Bridezilla if not tamed. Believe me, this is not a myth; this is a fact.

The wedding-planning phase can actually bring out the worst in us.

Here are the top 10 tips to keep the Bridezilla within at bay and to better enjoy the lead-up to your special day:

1. Focus on the "we," not the "me"

Take a good look at your fiancé, the person you are going to marry. He is your number-one, your partner-in-crime through all of this, so he is the first pit stop for communication and delegation.

While you may not trust him with the creative side of things, like what exactly an elegant garden party theme involves, focus on the skills that he does offer, which will come in handy. He can bring a lot to the table if you take the time to hear him out.

2. Delegation is key

Outside of your fiancé, there are many people who are willing and able to help you with your never-ending list. Identify these lovely people and delegate tasks to them.

If your delivery oozes positivity, you will likely find that people are generally excited to help. Your to-do list won’t seem as daunting with their assistance.

3. Use time more wisely

Because time tends to go by quite quickly during the wedding-planning process, it’s important not to wish you had more time, but rather, use the time you have more wisely. Don’t forget to have fun, as this will be one of the rare times in your life where all the focus is on you.

4. Make friends with your vendors

Being friendly to your chosen vendors can make a world of a difference. Remember that each one of them is a piece of the wedding puzzle you are trying to put together. It could be as simple as a pleasant smiley face at the end of your emails or complimenting their service or products.

Good wedding karma does exist. If you put in the effort, the photographer with whom you’ve just become BFFs may gain more of an incentive to get those particular shots of which you've been dreaming.

5. Make "craft nights" a thing

If you’ve opted for a heavily DIY wedding, why not set aside some dates for craft nights with your close friends?

Whether you need to cut up copious amounts of ribbon, or lick more than a hundred envelopes, this can turn into a bit of fun, rather than a burden. Put on some girly movies and pop some bubbles whilst you benefit from an extra set of hands.

6. Pretend you’re in a movie montage

Whenever you’re feeling flat, just think of your favorite girl-power movie moment, and you will be just fine. Think Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada" or Renee Zellweger in "Bridget Jones's Diary."

Take that motivation; flip through another 10 bridal magazines, and keep charging on toward that beautiful day.

7. Treat yourself

Although both budget and time may seem tight, it’s very important to still treat yourself along the way.

Tell your fiancé that you’re going to look at the venue again for the tenth time, but duck out early for a Swedish massage. Clocking out from wedding mode every once in a while will keep you sane throughout the process.

8. Eat!

A clear danger zone is the pressure brides put on themselves to lose extra weight. If this is not done in a healthy manner, you might end up losing your mind, instead.

It’s no secret that when we’re hungry, we can grow to be cranky. So, for goodness sake, eat! Everyone will thank you for it.

9. Rely on endorphins

Following the above tip, remember that a good bout of exercise will do wonders for you. The key is not to think you’re too busy or stressed to exercise, but rather, that working out will actually make you plan more productively and feel much better.

10. Inhale, exhale

Last, but certainly not least, breathe! It’s the simplest and most effective trick of them all; go to yoga classes, meditate for 15 minutes in your room or download an app on your phone.

Or, just turn around, walk into another room and take 10 deep breaths when your mother asks whether some obscure family friend you met once was invited to the wedding.

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