10 Not-So-Boring Ways To Rock Black As Your Wardrobe Staple


The color black has always and will always be a fashion staple; it is anything but boring. Black can be dramatic when worn from head to toe, but it can also be chic and stylish.

Here are 10 simple ways to incorporate the darkest hue into your wardrobe:

1. Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is as versatile as the color itself. It can be subdued for an office environment, with a thin line close to the lashes, or as glam as you want for a night out. The cat-eye wing is both classic and trendy (think: Angelina Jolie or Sophia Loren), and is the perfect flair to accompany an otherwise naked lid.

Line your lower lids with a kohl pencil for an insta-smoky look or leave the lower lids bare to make your eyes appear wider.

2. Boots

Whether you're into knee-high boots, riding boots, booties, combat boots or rain boots, the color black is reliable enough to wear with any ensemble. Rocking a set of knee-high black boots with a pencil skirt is a trendy way to spend a day at work.

And, you can always switch into your ankle bootie heels to pair with your skinny jeans for a night out with the girls.

3. The LBD

A list of black fashion staples would be severely lacking if without the Little Black Dress. Every woman should have some form of the LBD hanging in her closet. They can range from sexy and strappy to career-savvy and sophisticated.

Put your LBD together with a bright shoe for a pop of color or channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and stick to black for a chic head-to-toe look.

4. Black Denim

This look is making its way onto the runways for the fall and winter seasons. Black denim looks great as jeans (think skinny jeans tucked into boots), skirts and jackets.

Grab a black denim jacket to wear over a dress, tights and boots for a great late-fall look.

5. Peacoats

Peacoats are so classic (remember Gwyneth Paltrow's Michael Kors jacket?). It can be thrown over almost any outfit for an instant sophisticated vibe.

Try accessorizing it with a scarf or hat of muted hues, like grey, tan or white. If you're feeling bold, wear the black peacoat with an animal-print scarf, like leopard or tiger stripes.

6. Sweaters

A black sweater looks so perfect thrown on over your favorite pair of jeans. Dress it up with a statement necklace or some eye-catching earrings.

Layering black sweaters with a peek of black lace underneath creates an understated sexy look, too.

7. Handbags

Black handbags will always be "in" because they go with literally everything. Every lady should have a solid black bag in her collection, and perhaps in multiple sizes.

A small, clutch-sized handbag is perfect for a night out, while a larger one is perfect for work. (There are always things you can throw in your handbag!)

8. Leggings

The great debate: Are leggings only appropriate underneath a long tunic or dress? I tend to side with "yes" here, but regardless of which side you're on, leggings are a crucial staple to any woman's wardrobe.

Black leggings are great to throw on underneath a long, slouchy, knit tunic, and they're also perfect for wearing underneath a dress, paired with tall boots.

9. Leather Or Faux Leather Jackets

Heads up: Leather jackets have always been a staple of coolness and for good reason. While stereotypically associated with bikers and the T-Birds in the movie "Grease," leather jackets are popping up in stores everywhere. They can range from simple to entirely jazzed up with buttons details and zippers.

Wear a leather jacket with a blouse, dark jeans and tall boots for a causal yet trendy look, or throw it on over a dress for a night out.

10. Jewelry

Black stones can make for a great statement necklace when paired with almost anything. For a stark contrast, add a collar necklace comprised of black stones to a white blouse or dress.

Black stones make great earrings, as well, and can be dressy enough to wear with your LBD on a date night or paired with your favorite sweater and jeans for a casual Sunday afternoon.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It