Want To Hear Your Unborn Baby's Heartbeat? There's An App For That

Any expectant mothers, take note.

This new app allows parents to listen to their unborn child's heartbeat via a smartphone.

The app, entitled Bellabeat, uses sound waves to locate a fetus' heartbeat and converts the pulse to an audio file.

One feature of this app is to gauge heartbeats per minute. Additionally, it equips future parents with tracking tools to record how frequently a baby kicks and also displays changes in weight over time.

The pioneering feature of this app might just be the mood-tracking tool, which helps pregnant women monitor early signs of postnatal depression. Urška Sršen, cofounder of Bellabeat explains:

Depression disorders during pregnancy, which are very common, can lead to other health complications for the mother and the baby.We decided to add this mood tracker to encourage women to keep notes on their mood day by day so they can recognize these symptoms quite early on.

Sršen also shared that future developments to the app will include tools to monitor blood pressure and nutrition. Bellabeat is available for iOS users and is coming soon for Android users.

via Mashable, Top Photo Courtesy: Bellabeat