SMIZE, Ladies: 9 Tyra Banks Terms To Apply To Everyday Female Life

by Elite Daily Staff
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Tyra Banks is more than just a model-turned-mogul. She's also known for her whimsical invention of words. So we decided to formalize the process by creating a special dictionary. This way we can all benefit from Tyra-sized wisdom, not just her victims models.

Hello fierce lady! We hope you’re smizing as you read this flawsome beautytainment and don’t think that it’s total drekitude. Sorry, that’s Tyra-speak for, enjoy this post!

Here's every girl's life guide to succeed in badassery, as told by Tyra Banks' dictionary.

1. Smize

What it means: Smiling with your eyes. Amateur stuff.


Used in a sentence: Becky! You are defeating the smize! You need to super-smize if you want to win this competition.

Synonyms: Intensity behind your eyes; Facelifts.

2. Fierce

What it means: Strong, confident, bold.

Example: (This video is sooo Tyra. She looks like she’s been pulled out of a dirty pond. It’s awesome and is guaranteed to make you feel better about your iPhone videos.)

Used in a sentence: Where are my winning ladies on set today? I have a surprise vacation to the remote islands of Alcatraz and it’s gonna be insanely FIERCE.

Synonyms: Ferociousness; feline Vixen; Catwoman.

3. Booty Tooch

What it means: Isolating just your hips to pop your booty. What you’re going for is the Gucci-tooch, which is booty-tooching made into high-fashion by hunching your shoulders forward (we call it the “next-day-puking-hangover-but-avoiding-your-hair” pose). Tooches to avoid: the hoochie-tooch, poochy-tooch and smoochie-tooch.

Example: Tyra clarifies to Steve Harvey

Used in a sentence: She booty-tooched so hard that she poopie-tushed in her pants.

Synonyms: Booty pop; one-twerk-pony; hip thrust; fanning the fart.

4. Beautytainment

What it means: The intersection between beauty and entertainment. Sorry if this clarifies absolutely nothing. #TyraMadeMeDoIt

Example: Tyra Banks’ new beauty line is all about it.

Used in a sentence: Using the mascara wand as a weapon is a f*cked up kind of beautytainment.

Synonyms: “Extreme Makeover” on ABC; celebrity make-up artists.

5. Drekitude

What it means: Wack, horrible, hard to look at, wrong. It can be used to describe everything from your hideous elf shoes to your funeral selfie. Drekitude is reaching new lows.

*Fun Fact: Andre Leon Talley is the original inventor of this word, dropping drekitudes all over “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 14.

Example: From the fashion god’s

Used in a sentence: Her duck face Instagram collage needs to be taken down. I can’t handle all this drekitude.

Synonyms: Fugly; offensive to the eyes; full-on Monet.

6. Flawsome

What it means: You + your flaws + are awesome = flawsome. It’s like fairly intuitive fourth grade level word mashups.


Used in a sentence: It’s OK that you farted in bed, baby. I think you’re flawsome.

Synonyms: Adorkable; hot mess.

7. H2T

What it means: Head-to-toe. Modeling with your entire body. The abbreviation is completely necessary.

Example: Watch the legend in action.

Used in a sentence: What is that heinous-looking, rabies-infested squirrel on your head? Didn’t Tyra teach you to accessorize from H2T?

Synonyms: Head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes); top to bottom (T2B?); overall.

8. Pot Ledom

What it means: “Pot Ledom” is “Top Model” spelled backwards (and reversed, but we can keep that between us). Because “Top Model” takeover wasn’t hitting enough audiences, “Pot Ledom” is the spin-off. Nobody really knows what it means, but it’s highly provocative.

Example: Since “Pot Ledom” isn’t actually a verb, we found this video instead from an “ANTM” challenge in which the girls had to make music videos using the phrases “Pot Ledom” and “It’s top model backwards.” The result is both terrifying and amazing at the same time. Please note the namesake doll who has successfully haunted us since watching.

Used in a sentence: I didn’t make it to the finals during cycle 7 of “America’s Next Top Model,” so I’m auditioning for Tyra’s new show, “Pot Ledom.”

Alternative sentence: I hope this pot ledom to a path of enlightenment and legalization.

Synonyms: Uhh... Top model? Are we missing something?

9. Badassery

What it means: The business of being a badass. “Doing things bigger, bolder and… badder!" says Tyra in her own words.

Example: (We just really wanted to use this GIF ‘cause it’s a classic.)

Used in a sentence: I’m earning a degree in Badassery; I already aced, “How to Pull-Off Overalls and Bitchy Resting Face 206.”

Synonyms: Lady boss; killin’ it; crushing the game; winning; the ‘ish.

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