The Tooth Dairy: Here's How You Incorporate Cheese Into Every Meal

Fact: Cheese is the most important part of any meal. Breakfast omelettes aren't the same without a healthy doze of cheddar, lunchtime sandwiches need extra slices of Swiss and you can't imagine a pasta dinner without a couple of sprinkles (or handful) of shaved parmigiano reggiano.

Cheese has been there for you more times than your best friend. You need to make it a point to chill with it every chance you get. From the moment you wake up to those late-night cravings, here's how to intertwine cheese into your life so much you practically bleed mozzarella.

Breakfast: Honey Ricotta Toast


Yeah, you can go the traditional route and get bagels and cream cheese but this is way better.

The big cheese: Ricotta. It's sweet, used for desserts and good for baking.

The co-stars: Toast (duh), honey and figs. Sprinkling a touch of sea salt is also a must to balance out the sweetness of the honey and the ricotta.

Lunch: Croque Madame


Old-school grilled cheese is for basic b*tches. Step up your bread and cheese game with a French take on the traditional ham and cheese.

The big cheese: Gruyere. It's Swiss and used for fancy things like quiche and fondue.

The co-stars: Ham and egg. If you're not a huge egg junkie (what's wrong with you?) opt for a croque monsieur, which is made without it.

Linner: Halloumi


It's fried cheese. There's no way to f*ck this up.

The big cheese: Brace yourself, halloumi. It's a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and the extraordinarily high melting point means that it's easily fried or grilled without exploding.

The co-stars: None. It's fried cheese. That's virtually it. You're welcome.

Dinner: Risotto Alfredo


Ditch your mac for a gooey, comforting risotto.

The big cheese: Parmesan, also known as the Regina George of all cheese because it ruins lives.

The co-stars: Heavy cream and chicken broth. You can also add white wine in there — it's optional — but why wouldn't you?

Drunk Snack: Quesadilla


Whether you grab it from Taco Bell or make your own in a drunken stupor, a little bit of cheese-stuffed dough is all you need to cure your munchies.

The big cheese: There is a whole world of possibility out there: cheddar, Monterrey jack, colby, you name it.

The co-stars: Anything else you want to throw in there — steak, chicken, peppers, tomatoes. Just as long you let the cheese be the star of the show, you can go buck wild.