Tone Your Entire Body In One Week: A Workout Move For Every Day

by Emily Arata

On an average day, our mental dedication to living a fit, steamed broccoli lifestyle wavers no less than 15 times.

We read an article highlighting a hot new technique in outer thigh-toning, then instantaneously crave pizza.

We fear the dreaded "secretary spread," an affliction in which your ass cheeks begin to flatten and widen simultaneously, but can't be bothered to leave our chairs for a ten-minute walk.

It's a tough life, stuck between a rock and a fast food place.

In our eyes, the only thing separating the healthy from the lazy is a continued dedication to living to age 100. Although we falter rather regularly — chowing down on all-pumpkin-everything, ditching cardio burn class — we hop back on the stability ball with renewed dedication the next day.

Celine Rahman

In an effort to get our rapidly-spreading cheeks off the couch, we contacted Kelvin Gary, owner of Body Space Fitness. He specializes in workouts that make efficient use of the whole body in the time you have to spare. His unofficial motto, “easy gets us nowhere,” is only an example of the tough-love, common-sense attitude he brings to his clientele.

In just one week, you can renew your dedication to fitness by making a pledge to try one move a day. In seven days, you'll have worked out from head to toe. Repeat each move 10 to 15 times for a three-set circuit.

What you'll need:

Stability ball Two dumbbells, between 12 to 15 pounds each Yoga Mat

Monday: Kick ass with a marching bridge.

Celine Rahman

Lie down on the mat situating your feet in front of your hips. Push in with your heels and up with your butt, bringing the body to a bridge position.

Pull one knee toward your face, keeping the foot flexed and back straight. Repeat using the other leg.

Tuesday: Take on abs of steel in a moving plank.

Celine Rahman

With a straight back and impeccable posture, bring yourself into a plank pose. One arm at a time, reach out and gently tap the ground in front of you. Make sure to keep your hips straight!

Wednesday: Rip out dumbbell rows.

Celine Rahman

Lunge forward with your left arm grasping the dumbbell. Bend your arm on the knee that's at a right angle. With your weight, concentrate on pushing the elbow back while bringing the weight to your chest.

This is a balancing act, and you'll push straight through to the last rep. Repeat on the other side of the body.

Thursday: Catch up on TV while lunging.

Celine Rahman

Lunges are a fan favorite. You can do them while focusing on other things, like catching up on the latest episode of "Scream Queens."

Start off standing with your feet squarely under your hips. Stepping back with your left foot, swing it across the other leg into a deep curtsy. Then, swing that leg out to the side as you come up, bending into a side lunge.

Repeat focusing on the other leg.

Friday: Get in touch with your obliques during side plank.

Celine Rahman

This one's a doozy of a workout. Side planks were created to remind you of the existence of what seems like a million tiny ab muscles.

Get into a side plank, squaring your bent elbow under your shoulder. Move mindfully, dipping your hip down to the ground and slowly raising it back to the beginning position. When you've done your reps, flip over and repeat.

Saturday: Squat for a booty that'll turn heads when you're out.

Celine Rahman

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, slowly lower into a weighted squat. As you come up, pivot the right food and turn at an angle, raising one arm straight above you. Then, sink back into the squat as you turn to face forwards.

This move can be a little tricky, so don't be discouraged if it takes you a few tries to get the form absolutely perfect.

Sunday: Breathe easy after a chest press.

Celine Rahman

Our favorite exercises involve sitting and this weighted chest press is no exception.

Seated on a stability ball, step forwards until just your shoulders rest on the ball. Keeping a straight back, hold the dumbbells in line with your shoulders. Then, press up slowly lowering the weights back down again.