These Young Girls Prove That Doing Things 'Like A Girl' Isn't A Bad Thing (Video)

by Katie Gonzalez

Female-empowering commercials are all the rage these days, and we're not complaining.

In the newest ad to point to the power of a woman, adults are asked to perform activities "like a girl." You watch men and women alike make fun of the tasks, as they feebly "toss like a girl" and "run like a girl," with limbs everywhere and a pained looked on their faces.

But the redeeming moment of the commercial comes when young girls are asked to perform the same tasks. And they don't add all the drama to what they're doing — unsurprisingly, a girl throwing like a girl looks a lot like a boy throwing like a boy.

They naturally do things with the same expertise and enthusiasm, proving that the "like a girl" description is something we develop as we get older and are taught that females are simply genetically unable to act in a similar manner to men.

The ad, by Proctor and Gamble brand Always, highlights the sad fact that a "girl's confidence plummets during puberty" because we teach them that "like a girl" is a bad thing.

H/T Mashable