F*ck It: 22 Contradictory Things Women Will Always Do And Never Stop

by Ashley Fern

Women are odd creatures. This isn't something that only men believe, but females as well. We can't figure out why we do things and we certainly can't wrap our heads around why other women do things.

But regardless, we're all going to keep doing them anyway. Why? Because we can. So what are some of the more infuriatingly contradictory things females tend to do (...and will continue to do)?

1. Gossip about other girls, but then call girls fake

If you are saying things about someone that you would never say to her, what would you call yourself?

2. Bitch about being fat and then do nothing about it

I wonder how many calories complaining burns? Is the answer zero?!!!!

3. Spend $300 at the hair salon and complain you're broke

You can't really put a price on necessities, can you? Oh, you can, but will you ever learn to budget these? Probably not...

4. Go through your boyfriend's texts and then claim you want to build trust

I would love to know what dictionary you looked up the word trust in.

5. Creep on your boyfriend's ex to feel worse about yourself

I'm not sure why girls continue to do this because, at the end of it (is there ever actually an end?), do you ever feel better? What did you hope to accomplish. She's irrelevant to your boyfriend's life and even more irrelevant to your own life.

6. Compare yourself to your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend

You are broken up, so why do you care about what he is doing? WHY?! 

7. Turn down every single guy who hits on you, but still ask yourself why you're single

Can you really tell all there is to know about someone with a brief encounter at a bar? Maybe try giving him your real cell number and see what happens. And if anything else, give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean you are wearing an entire palette of makeup on your face, aren't you?

8. Spend $200 on stilettos and complain the entire night that your feet hurt

Beauty and style are pain, aren't they though?

9. Say you don't care about Instagram likes, but continuously refresh your page

Keep your monitoring habits to yourself!

10. Complain about being sick and then going out and drinking

Do you want to feel better? Well, then I can guarantee going out and drinking is the complete and utter opposite of what you should be doing.

11. Eat super foods all day long to be healthy, then come home and eat the entire kitchen

You eat this way all day long to be healthy, but then come home stressed. So what happens? You end up inhaling an entire roll of cookie dough, two bags of chips and a hamburger and wonder why you don't wake up looking like Candice Swanepoel.

12. Pick a fight with your boyfriend about everything to get attention and then wonder why you get dumped

There is only so much nagging and complaining a girl can do before her significant other gets kicked to the curb. Can you really blame him? How long would you put up with that crap for?

13. Spend all night at the club on your phone and then claim you never meet any new people

How are you supposed to meet any new people when you spend your time scrolling through news feeds of people you already know?!

14. Binge eat all weekend only to claim your diet starts on Monday

Think about your diet like this: If you drop your iPhone and it doesn't crack, are you going to continue to smash your iPhone to the ground? No, of course not. So why are you piling on extra food you don't really want or need?

15. Complain about a guy not answering your text and then taking two hours to respond when he finally does

You may claim you hate the game, but the only thing you are doing is perpetuating the cycle.

16. Saying you have no money and then blowing it all on a shopping spree

Maybe you would actually have some money if you didn't spend it all on things you don't need.

17. Being rent-poor but still managing to go out every night

This is more so an everybody problem. We complain (and complain some more) that we can't afford our rent, but when someone comes calling to hit happy hour, we just can't resist.

18. Calling other people self-centered and then filling your social media with selfies


19. Saying how badly you need to get away from technology... with a tweet

Again, doesn't this just sound a bit hypocritical? Maybe take your own advice and skip the tweet and hit the gym.

20. Saying how much you hate "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," but following Kylie and Kendall on Instagram

Why do you even care what they're doing with their lives? All you're going to do is feel worse about your own.

21. Hating on that one girl, but dedicating an entire week for her birthday

Cue the Instagram collage.

22. Push splitting the bill evenly when you know you owe at least $15 more

That doesn't make you clever, it makes you an ass.