25 Things That Scare 20-Something Women More Than Ebola

By Alex Schnee

With the recent outbreak of Ebola in the news, it can be easy to get caught up in what the media says, and wonder how far the disease will spread.

What most people don’t know, however, is that the women of Generation-Y have quite a bit to deal with already. We have concerns that are a bit more immediate besides whether or not we will contract a disease that may or may not even be a real threat.

Here are 25 things we are a bit more concerned about than Ebola:

1. Paying rent

It’s been due for about three weeks already, and you still haven’t gotten your paycheck through PayPal.

2. He never texted you back

You had a flirtatious string of dialogue going on. What happened?

3. Laundry

It’s been piling up for weeks; it’s like having a Mount Everest of dirty socks and underwear taking over your room.

4. The weekday hangover

Why did you think it was a good idea to go out Wednesday night?

5. Whether you’re a basic bitch or not

You enjoy the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte, and you’re still not sure how you feel about it.

6. You’ve been putting off the gym for two weeks

It’s not enough to cause any immediate damage to your waistline, but that could quickly change depending how many Pumpkin Spice Lattes you have, and simultaneously how basic of a bitch you are.

7. Bad music

Somehow, you’re more worried about whether you will contract your friend’s love for One Direction more than a life-threatening disease.

8. How the Yankees are going to do without Jeter

You’re afraid not well.

9. He still hasn't texted you back

You’re sending him telepathic signals to pick up the phone and give you some peace of mind. You’re even fine with him being honest and letting you know he doesn’t like you; at least it would be something.

10. Work

Was that due today?

11. Friday night

You have plans to go out, but you kind of feel like staying in and reading "Game of Thrones." You’re pretty sure your favorite character is about to die and you’ve been thinking about it all day. Plus, you really don’t feel like shaving your legs.

12. Friends

Because if you aren’t having some sort of drama going on your life, one or two of your friends are more than willing to provide it.

13. Good music

You’ve been waiting patiently in your pajamas all morning to be the first to grab to tickets to that concert that sells out every time. You’re poised and ready at the computer, staring like you’re hypnotized and clicking like an idiot trying to get the best seats possible.

14. Your mother calling

She asks why you look so skinny in your recent photographs and why you only have pictures of you and your friends instead of a significant other. And no, you won’t go on a blind date with someone she sets you up with.

15. Netflix

"Gilmore Girls." No need to elaborate.

16. You haven’t done your yoga/meditation/healthy thing you were supposed to do

You had such ambitious plans on Monday. But it’s Tuesday.

17. There is absolutely no food in your fridge

The thought of leaving the apartment and going to the local grocery store is enough to make you feel sick. You’re pretty sure you have a fever.

18. On the other hand…

You desperately need wine if you’re going to watch Netflix. Suddenly, you’re feeling a little bit better.

19. Whether you should delete your Facebook or not

Because you’re tired of seeing so many people getting married and having children. Plus, you’re getting tired of that one friend who keeps inviting you to play Candy Crush three times a day.

20. Whether or not you have a Tumblr addiction

You’ve been scrolling for the past half hour, and most of what you’ve seen is GIFs of kittens. It’s very cute, but you feel a little dizzy after staring at a screen for hours.

21. Your roommate’s home

Crap. She’s going to see that you haven’t done anything all day. Can you use the excuse that you’ve just been hiding from the Ebola threat?

22. Cleaning

You also just remembered that you left the kitchen an absolute mess when you tried to heat up that Trader Joe’s risotto and failed miserably. You apologize profusely while your roommate rolls her eyes.

23. You sneezed

Hope you’re not catching the cold your brother had when you visited home last weekend!

24. You’re starving

Reluctantly, you can’t take these stabbing hunger pains anymore. After pulling on a pair of slightly already-worn yoga pants from the Mount Everest of laundry (yoga pants = basic bitch?), you grab your keys and head out the door.

25. He texted you back

Sh*t. Now what?

Photo Courtesy: Paramount Pictures/Clueless