They Just Don't Make Men Like They Used To...

I love men. I love how they smell and the veins in their forearms. I love their deep voices and their neckties. I love how they protect their women and take care of their family. I love how they write love letters and walk you to your side of the car door.

I love how they wait for you on benches and listen to the details of your day. I love how they talk about women with respect and admiration. I love how they take pride in their appearance but more pride in their actions. I love how they drink but can hold their liquor. I love how they are strong and stable. Oh wait, I’m sorry, these men don’t exist anymore.

The men that exist have come to epitomize a different kind of man from that of our grandfathers' generation. They are no longer suave gentleman with passions outside of getting ass and chasing tail.

They are no longer respectful of the women they chase and courteous to the women they don’t. They are no longer these strong, independent, responsible gentlemen we thought they’d be in their twenties. Everything from their style, to their pick-up lines has changed, and not for the better.

Of course, not all men are like this. There are exceptions to every case and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few boys who I think will grow up to epitomize what men used to be.

However, like anything in this world, generalizations are formed when trends are set and the men today have been setting some pretty bad ones. No longer is it smoking cigars and drinking brandy, but popping molly and smoking perks.

No longer is it clean sweaters and nice shoes, but t-shirts with the sleeves cut off and Air Jordans. No longer is it subtle compliments and passing glances, but whistling out of car windows and misleading emojis. No longer is it conversations about women with depth and real beauty, but tits and ass, always tits and ass.

Now, I know that Cary Grant, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra were figures created by Hollywood, but it’s about what they represented -- which was style.

They epitomized the ideal man and the image he should portray. They may have been pigs and bastards in their own regard, but at least they did it with class. Men will always be men, and some men will always be pigs. However, the general notion that these men portrayed was that you should at least try not to act like one.

I’m not saying that women should be doted on and treated like things to be won, but I think we need to be bring some class back to men and the dating world in general.

I think men need to start acting like men and stop behaving like boys. They need to realize that we don’t want to be taking care of them, we want to be respected and enticed by them. We want the men the way they were back then, back when they had class and at least tried to be gentlemen.

I know many things that women expect are just media-induced illusions, the way men expect women to have pillow fights in their underwear at sleepovers, but we can still dream. We can dream of a way that men used to be and hope for a way our sons will be.

Men used to hold your hand, now they just hold their hair with gel.

Men used to protect their women, now they protect their egos.

Men used to buy you a drink, now they get you drunk before going out.

Men used to dress like a boss, now they just think they’re the boss.

Men used to be tough, now they worry about tough work.

Men used to talk like Cary Grant, now they don’t even text in full sentences.

Men used to take you dancing, now they just dance around the subject.

Men used to meet your parents, now they just meet your Facebook page.

Men used to buy you flowers, now they're just looking to deflower you.

Men used to hold doors, now they just hold you back.

Men used to talk about women with class, now they only talk about girls with the biggest ass.

Men used to stick up for you, now they just stick it in you.

Men used to write love letters, now they don’t even send emails.

Men used to leave messages, now they leave STDS.

Men used to tell you you’re beautiful, now they tell you you’re a dime.

Men used to date, now they only Tinder.

Men used to pick you up, now they just put you down.

Men used to insist on picking up the bill, now they just want to shove a bill in a g-string.

Men used to watch movies, now they watch porn.

Men used to leave in the morning, now they leave when they’re done.

Men used to keep it under wraps, now they won’t wrap it up.

Men used to dress well, now they just want to undress you.

Men used to make up with you, now they make up excuses.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr