This Lightweight Gun Is Being Marketed To Women In India So They Can Prevent Rape


Looks like women will be packing a lot more than just lipstick and keys in their purses. An Indian gun manufacturer has created a sleek firearm specifically for women in hopes that it will help prevent rape, which has been a rampant and grave problem in the country.

The Indian Ordnance Factory has created Nirbheek, a lightweight revolver small enough to fit into a purse, to act as a self-defense tool against potential rapists. The six-draw titanium alloy .32-caliber bore revolver weighs only 17 ounces and features a quick trigger, which some would argue is a total upgrade from the traditional closed-fist punch.

It's also interesting to note that Nirbheek means "fearless" in Hindi.

The first Indian female-oriented gun was prompted by the horrific gang rape of a woman in 2012 while she was traveling on a public bus. The attack lead the woman, referred to as "Nirbhaya," to die from internal injuries and incited international outrage over the treatment of women in India.

But many others are troubled by this new firearm. They believe that the Nirbheek is not an adequate solution for the country's upsetting history of sexual attacks on women.

Regardless, there have already been 100 requests made for the recently released gun, with 80% of those inquiries coming from females. And manufacturing officials said it will begin shipping internationally once it satisfies its local demand.

What do you think? Is it wise to add guns into the equation? Will this be an effective preventative measure?

h/t: NY Daily News