The World's Toughest Job Will Make You Appreciate Someone Special In Your Life (Video)

If you thought your job was tough, you haven't worked in this position yet.

One company posted an ad for a new role, "Director of Operations." When conducting Skype interviews with applicants, the interviewees had to come to terms with a very big reality — it's a role that is thankless, pay-less, and super demanding and difficult.

Job requirements included "135 hours to unlimited hours a week," with excellent negotiation skills and the ability to wear several hats, like doctor, budget overseer and chef. The clients, interviewees were told, were excessively needy and might even require them to work nights.

As all of those interviewed balked at these conditions — some even questioning whether it was really legal — the interviewer revealed that the real role he was describing was that of "mom."

After getting over the shock and the emotions that came from realizing all their mothers had done, one guy framed it perfectly: Moms are the best.