The World's Oldest Prostitutes Have Some Serious Life Advice For You

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, two long-time prostitutes talk about their careers — boasting of sleeping with a combined 355,000 (give or take) men between to the two of them, they likely have bragging rights that nobody else wants.

The Fokkens (not a typo) sisters, Louise and Martine, are now 71 years old, but they just retired from turning tricks last year.

The Amsterdam natives said they worked for as long as they did, over 50 years each, because their line of work doesn't come with a pension plan.

The Fokkens insist that their success in the business came from their "respect for men," and have even kept in touch with some of their former clients.

In the Fox documentary "Outsiders With Darren McMullen" to be aired later this week, Louise Fokkens also has advice for fellow females regarding their own encounters with men:

"If you really want to meet a man and keep him, you need to be yourself. Always be yourself.

"This is what we learned when we were little and it's true. But also you must have respect for other people and listen to other people."

Those are words women of any occupation can live by.