The W Hotel Is Now Offering Social Media Concierge For Your Wedding


If you are one of those people who really hates seeing other people's lavish weddings all over your social media, you should probably delete your accounts now.

The W Hotel has announced it will be offering a new package for brides and grooms: a $3,000 wedding-social-media-concierge, so you won't have to worry about live-tweeting the whole thing from the altar.

A brief description from The W states:

Wow, they've found someone to annoy you more than the strung out backup dancers trying to coax you onto the dance floor.

What happens when you don't use the appropriate hashtags? Social suicide.

Is this what you've secretly been hoping for but were too afraid to ask of your bridesmaid? (How would that conversation even go? "Make sure no b*tch uses the Nashville filter or I won't toss the bouquet in her direction").

Then #get #hitched, #like #now, #because #the #service #is #only #available #through #December 31, 2014.

H/T: NYMag, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It