The Universal Laws Of One-Night Stands That Every Gen-Y Girl Should Know

by Veronica Granja-Sierra

In this decade, it seems as if one-night stands have become totally acceptable — nearly the norm. But, although it’s becoming a pretty conventional occurrence, some girls are still not learning about the major consequences that these encounters can have.

Some see this life as being fabulous — it is the independent single woman being able to satisfy any sexual urges on command, because after all, she is a woman and can get any man to sleep with her in the snap of her fingers.

Like Samantha from “Sex And The City” demonstrates, the sexual freedom a woman espouses should clearly be something of which to be proud, not ashamed. But, this lifestyle isn’t nearly as glamorous.

When we talk about one-night stands, different women have different experiences — some agree that sexual experiences cannot coexist with emotional intimacy and they feel completely deflated afterward, whereas other women swear that it’s a purely sexual experience.

So, although all women share the same sexy and thrilling stories of one-night stands, there are still some unwritten laws when it comes to casual sex.

If women don’t let these rules sink in before doing the deed, things can really end up worse than how they initially expected.

1. Getting your hopes up after a one-night stand can be useless.

They call it a ONE-night stand for a reason, so expecting anything more than sex would be futile. Only proceed if you are a woman who is capable of separating love from sex.

This is not a date nor a marriage proposal — it’s just sex. Most women want to see the person the object of their intimate affection again and believe that sex is a bit empty when lust is the only connection.

But, most men do not share these views, so believing that you will see that man again is a bit far-fetched (unless, of course, you become his booty call or friend with benefits).

2. Women are more prone to feeling guilty after a one-night stand than men.

Men often suffer little-to-no guilt after partaking in a one-night stand. Men think they were just doing “what they have to do” and took the moment of opportunity to their advantage, whereas women, oftentimes, only do it because they were falsely under the impression of flattery.

Afterward, women routinely exhibit feelings of loss of self-worth, regret, disappointment and “being used” after the experience.

Women also like to overanalyze and obsess over “why he hasn’t texted you after it happened” and assume it was because he didn’t like you.

3. There can be more way more serious consequences than regret and guilt after a one-night stand.

We live in a social environment that emphasizes entitlement and living in the moment, but unfortunately, this mentality has endangered many women with a sense of invincibility and a belief that consequence-free sex is some sort of entitlement.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a major cause for concern when engaging in one-night encounters, especially in young women who are promiscuous and don’t practice safe sex.

Sometimes, this is influenced by impulsive decisions made under the influence, so in other words, if the ‘Goose makes you loose and you’re the type of girl who only (or more easily) goes home with men after drinking, then you really need to start monitoring your drinking habits.

4. As unfair as it sounds, women are not glorified for engaging in casual sex like men are.

There seems to be this unwritten rule that men are allowed to sleep with as many women as they please and get high fives in return, but as soon a woman decides to act the same way, she is automatically a slut.

Perhaps this is because of the greater time and effort required from the average male to get consent to sleep with a woman. As soon as he sleeps with a girl, it’s like an accomplishment, a test that he passed, a success in his quest to get laid. Alternatively, women have it easier and all they have to do is stand around in a nightclub, make a little bit of eye contact and smile.

In terms of social status, women who engage in one-night stands gain nothing other than to be seen as sluts, have poor judgment and lower standards.

5. Most men have far greater respect for women who don’t put out so easily.

Although sometimes (rarely) one-night stands do evolve into successful long-term relationships, it is not wise to assume it always happens.

Just because opening your legs doesn’t necessarily mean men will run in the opposite direction, it does mean that men are just more interested to find out what you have to offer in the bedroom rather than who you really are as a person.

If you really think about it, it is only natural for humans to place less value on the things that are easier to obtain.

Of course, if you are a woman who isn’t interested in meeting Mr. Right, behaving like Miss Right Now, is totally cool. We all have desires and urges and your sexual adventures don’t make you the worst person on the planet.

So ladies, whenever you do decide to have sex with a stranger, do it for reasons that make YOU feel good. Do it for fun, do it for your own pleasure and do it because it’s a commitment-free experience.

Remember that women are the ones who actually call the shots. Women are now more in control of men than ever before and it is totally acceptable to like sex as much as men do, just remember to stay cautious, act safe, don’t expect too much, and be smart about your choices.

Photo via We Heart It