The Smart Kids From High School Always Have The Last Laugh


Don’t you love it when the under dog comes out on top?  There’s a new hypothesis going under the process of evaluation that a high IQ might correlate with a high sex drive. Hmm, so smart kids really do have more fun.

Apparently, Oxford and Cambridge University students in England are spending a record-breaking amount of money on sex toys, according to a study conducted by the online adult retailer Lovehoney. Both student bodies spent over 9,000 pounds, the equivalent of around $13,000, on sex toys during the last year alone.

The study used Google Analytics to find a pattern in the full range of all UK College’s statuses. It was determined that “students with high IQs may also have high sex drives.” In total, eight of the twenty-four collegiate institutions in the Russell Group — the United Kingdom’s version of the Ivy League — were on the top 20 list of the biggest sex toy spenders, three of which were in the top 10.

A former Cambridge student, now 27-years-old, seems to believe that this may be due in part to needing to escape from stressful academic environments.

“It seems Oxbridge [portmanteau for Cambridge and Oxford] students know that sex and sex toys are the smartest way to relieve stress. Cambridge definitely has a work hard, play hard culture so it comes as o surprise Cambridge students spend the most to relieve the pressure of studying at a top university.. High-achievers aim for excellence in all areas of their life, so it makes sense that achieving sexual happiness is one of their goals.”

That completely makes sense. I wonder what the statistics in the United States would be regarding this matter…

Photo Credit: Getty Images