The Shoreditch Fashion Show: Trends We Can Steal From The Brits!


Disappointed you missed out on the trends from London's fashion week? Well, you don't need to be Kate Winslet to gain insider access to Britain's Shoreditch Fashion Show, which showcased the season's latest styles from six up-and-coming, cutting edge designers.

The show featured incredibly successful stylists from some of the world's top fashion colleges, The London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins, and also included world-renowned Swedish designer, Isabell Yalda Hellysaz, who debuted pieces she had recently commissioned for Lady Gaga.

The Shoreditch Fashion Show is the premier event for emerging designers, musicians and artists to promote their fresh and creative talent and offers audiences a unique take on fashion.

Without further ado, we bring to you an exclusive opportunity to view the latest fashion trends from stand-out pieces in The Shoreditch Fashion Show.

Live Life On The Fringe

Be playful with your fall wardrobe by incorporating flashes of fringe. No longer reserved for flappers and the Daisy Buchanan’s of the world, fringe gets a modern update by wearing it over skirts or pants, as shown above. For the fierce females out there, pair it with a statement tailored jacket and you’ll be sure to turn heads. Put a little swoosh in your step!

Get Graphic

Freshen up a boring jersey pullover or basic sweater with a killer graphic design that’s worth a thousand words. Monochrome tops take a backseat this season -- liven your clothing with cool imagery or interesting compositions. Anything complex goes as long as you got the attitude to match – it’s all about wearing your art on your sleeve.

Molten Metallics Look Hot

Make a grand entrance with a head-to-toe chromed-out ensemble. Metallics flatter every skin tone and are perfect to take from day-to-night. Be bold with your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to mix metals: think a golden-girl jacket paired with a silvery dress and be sure to layer on the lustrous jewelry. Who said metallurgy was exclusive to chemistry class?

Tribal Is In

Go native! Fuse earthy tones with scenic motifs for a complete down-home vibe. Especially during the colder months, nothing warms up a wardrobe more than a woodsy pattern in cozy fabrics. Channel your inner Katniss with a nod to nature.

Go Long!

Save the miniskirts for the summertime and embrace the elegance of a floor-length dress. Whether you’re walking a red carpet or just feeling glamorous, a fabulously long frock feels right for any occasion. Chic, sophisticated and totally on trend, this is a must-have piece for the autumn months. Have a ball in a ball-length gown!

Photos Courtesy: Off Beat