23 Times Women Decided They Could Become The Men They Want To Marry

by Ashley Fern

Women of the world have undergone ridiculous changes in mentality over the course of time and, in particular, in the last 40 years.

Whereas we once conformed to traditional gender roles, it's far from the case in this day and age.

Gloria Steinem, the iconic "spokeswoman for the feminist movement" from the late 1960s really hit the nail on the head when she made the powerful statement, "We have become the men we wanted to marry."

This statement has resonated in the minds of women ever since.

Now women are putting themselves and their careers first and thinking of male partners as something to deal with down the road.

We have become strong and successful businesswomen who don't need men to complete our lives.

We enrich our own lives by doing the things we love, pursuing jobs typically not "reserved" for women and by voicing our opinions when we need to be heard.

So when did we become the people we've been striving to spend our lives with?

1. When we stopped settling.

Too often people will settle with what is easiest and most accessible because they don't want to put the effort or time into waiting.

It's a cop out and rarely ever ends well because whether they care to admit it or not, they're still looking for the next best thing.

2. When we decided we can make our own f*cking money.

Who needs men to spoil us when we can spoil ourselves? We may enjoy free sh*t from time to time, but there really is no better feeling than treating yourself.

3. When we decided our mouths were big enough for the both of us.

We have mouths for a reason, so why would we need you to speak up for us?

We are perfectly comfortable voicing our own opinions, speaking what's on our minds and defending our beliefs.

4. When we stopped making ourselves small.

Why do women try to blend in with the crowd? We may be smaller than men, but our voices and personalities are just as large -- if not larger.

5. When we started asking for what we want.

Closed mouths don't get fed and, honestly, the worst thing someone can say to your request is no.

All that does is leave you the option to negotiate.

Persistence gets you a very long way especially when you're a strong and intelligent female.

6. When we stopped needing validation.

As long as we're secure with who we are as people, no one else's validation is required, needed or wanted.

There comes a huge sense of relief and freedom once you realize everyone else's opinions are completely irrelevant.

7. When we put ourselves first.

Acting selfishly will get you much further in life than if you're constantly worried about everyone around you.

If you have an issue with this mentality just ask yourself — do you think these people are concerned about you and what you're doing? We all know the answer to that one.

8. When we started taking control of our sex lives.

Society tries to put ridiculous standards on women when it comes to sex.

The only person who should have any say about your sex life is you.

9. When we learned how to be authoritative.

Some people may confuse authority with bitchiness when it comes to females, but all strong women know much better than this.

If that's what you want to call them, that's your own prerogative.

These successful women will be too busy striving for greatness to worry about what you think of them.

10. When we realized we didn't need them.

We may want men in our lives but we sure as hell don't need them.

Please tell me something a man can do for any of us that we can't do for ourselves? Sure, I'll wait...

11. When we realized we didn't need rescuing at all.

Where did this damsel in distress business come from?

If something knocks us on our asses, you better believe we will be the ones lifting ourselves right back up.

12. When we realized no one was going to do it better than we could.

Don't let someone else do a job you know you are much better suited for.

The best way to get sh*t down, is to do it yourself.

13. When we started taking our own advice.

We don't need anyone to tell us how to live our lives, we can advise ourselves perfectly fine.

Life is the best teacher of all, isn't it?

14. When we started opening our own doors.

We may pull the push door and push the pull door, but we always get it open.

15. When we learned how to choose our friends.

The older you get, the more you realize the difference between the people you can trust and the people who are just using you.

16. When we realized we prefer our own company.

You may get easily annoyed by other people, but you will rarely get annoyed with yourself especially when you're so focused on achieving your goals.

17. When we stopped being afraid of ourselves.

Being afraid never got anyone anywhere. In fact it does the complete and utter opposite.

What do you have to be afraid of? You can't let things that haven't happened yet deter you from reaching your goals.

18. When we stopped letting others intimidate us.

Now people are now intimidated by us.

19. When we owned our power.

We have more power than we ever realized and now we're professionals when it comes to using it.

Commanding a room may be intimidating to some, but it's definitely not for us.

20. When we stopped letting other people define us.

We create our own definition of ourselves.

Who cares about what other people think? That's their issue, not ours.

21.  When we learned how to be assertive.

Women get sh*t done any which way they need to.

They use their resources to the best of their ability and know exactly how to lead a team.

While men get power-trippy, we know how to band together for a common cause.

22. When we stopped letting people dismiss us.

We will not be seen and not heard, we will speak up until our opinions have been heard by every damn person they need to be heard by.

23. When we realized no one was ever going to give us anything.

You can't expect anyone to give you anything in life because that is definitely not how the world works.

If you want something you need to work your ass off and get it for yourself — and trust me, it'll feel better that way.

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