The Hashtag #WeWillSexuallyHarassMen Aims To Support Women Fighting Abuse

Although sexual harassment was criminalized in Egypt in early June, the new law didn't seem to hold much weight when, just days later, women were publicly assaulted and violently attacked at inauguration ceremonies for the tumultuous country's newest president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

But now — and perhaps more so than ever — Egyptian women want to show their leaders and the world that they've had enough of the commonplace harassment.

Through a viral social media campaign, women have taken to Twitter to popularize the now-trending hashtag  هنتحرش_بالرجالة#, or "we will sexually harass men."

Just as #YesAllWomen was used to show how so many females face difficulties, discrimination and abuse simply because of their gender, this cheeky (and satirical) hashtag has become a platform for Egyptian women who still see sexual harassment as rampant and derogatory.

With thousands of people responding, some have come forth as disagreeing with the tone of the hashtag, arguing that the sexual harassment isn't a joking matter and can't be solved with the same terms and line of thinking as the men who continue to marginalize women within Egyptian society.

But, either way, the hashtag has sparked an important conversation.

#هنتحرش_بالرجالة This isn't a solution nor is it a funny joke.Either way you're disrespecting the women of your country,Shame on you guys. — البت امو نضارة (@ILoveHaters_C8) June 17, 2014
#هنتحرش_بالرجالة I dislike this hashtag, you can't solve a problem by the same level of thinking that created it in the first place — Ghada Ahmed (@gbackr2014) June 15, 2014
#هنتحرش_بالرجالة اقفلو ام الهاشتاج دا دا انتو شعب سافف — أحمد أسامة (@AlbyT3ban) June 16, 2014
#ﻫﻨﺘﺤﺮﺵ_ﺑﺎﻟﺮﺟﺎﻟﺔ Haaaaay Girls please this really not funny stop. this Hashtag is too Dirty :( — Emmy Cute Girl (@EmmyCuteGirl) June 15, 2014
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! SERIOUSLY! WATCH OUT :) #هنتحرش_بالرجالة — Zaynabation (@zaynabzeino) June 15, 2014
i stand with my egyptian sisters! "we will sexually harass men" #هنتحرش_بالرجال — glyn (@myselfglyn) June 17, 2014

via Ryot, Photo Credit: Getty Images