The Dress To End All Dresses Turns See-Through When It Knows You’re Turned On


Talk about revealing too much too fast.

Thanks to the INTIMACY 2.0 project working out of China and the Netherlands, tech gurus (who might only be a little out of touch with what women need when they're actually turned on) have designed a haute couture gown that becomes see-through when the wearer is aroused.

Using leather and opaque smart e-foils that are wired with electronics and LEDs, the dress can detect when the garment wearer’s heartbeat speeds up as the result of "close and personal encounters."

This causes the dress to become more and more sheer, until it is completely transparent and you're practically naked in front of your hopeful hook-up.

I can't imagine what could possibly go wrong if you gifted this dress to your significant other — like what happens when that heartbeat quickens due to some other, less-sexy stimuli (like almost getting clipped by that taxi on your walk to work, or a fight with your mom over the phone as you sit alone in a coffee shop)? The opportunities for a near-naked disaster are endless.

You can choose the dress in either white or black, but it seems like a slightly pointless decision since it'll be totally see-through soon enough.

via The Daily Dot