The 19 Reasons All Women Worship Yoga Pants

by Ashley Fern

Whether you call them leggings or yoga pants, one thing remains constant: They are the go-to pants choice for women everywhere. Don't even try to argue, as this is an indisputable fact.

I mean, I'm wearing leggings at the office right now and so are the two girls next to me. I even think my male boss is rocking a pair today. Just kidding, but the way these pants are taking over, I wouldn't be surprised if he soon gave them a go.

who cares if girls wear their leggings as pants like i will wear my leggings as a scarf if i want to shut the fuck up — Common White Girl (@CommonWhiteGrls) January 22, 2014

It's like a push-up bra for our butts. Some people may claim that leggings don't qualify as pants, but I am here to tell you they most certainly do!

I mean, how else can you justify dropping $88 at Lululemon for an item you couldn't even consider outerwear? Why do so many girls love yoga pants? Well, allow me to enlighten you:

1. They make you feel skinny or comfortable when you feel fat

What other clothing item can make you feel skinny and better about yourself when you're having a fat day? Yoga pants are a damn miracle and should be embraced at each and every opportunity.

2. Even people with the flattest of asses can look like they have some junk in the trunk

It doesn't matter if this is real or an illusion! If it looks like she got a butt, well then, today my friend, she has got a butt! *White girls everywhere, rejoice.*

3. You can wear them out on the town

Any outfit paired with heels is sufficient for a night out right? Why not be as comfortable as you possibly can while partying with your friends? Leggings > Jeans, always.

4. They are the perfect travel outfit

Leggings are great and especially efficient for the female traveler. Pair them with sneakers and you’ve got the perfect, most comfortable travel outfit. You can bend your legs any which way you please, unlike when wearing jeans or a skirt.

5. You can wear them to the gym and then straight out to happy hour

All you have to do is change your footwear, put on a sweater and you are good to go!

6. They were made to wear to brunch

Bring on the bloody marys, mimosas and french toast! You can eat and drink as much as you please! What better outfit is there to wear to a boozy brunch?

7. They don't take up space in your closet

Which just makes room for more sh*t you don't need, like another pair of over-the-knee black leather boots. I mean, what else are you going to pair with your leggings and sweater dress?

8. Generally, they're inexpensive

You can find leggings for cheap, unless you prefer the more expensive brands. Don't worry; you can also rationalize spending a fortune on one pair because you can wear them every day if you want to! See 11.

9. You can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about buttoning your pants

...or a muffin top! Wooo! No elastic = no problem.

10. They make you look athletic, even when you haven't stepped inside a gym in months

Everyone assumes you're in shape because you're wearing athletic gear. No one knows you just had two breakfast sandwiches and are thinking about your next meal. Whatever, sounds like a problem...

11. You can wear the same pair multiple times in one week and no one will notice

#Lazy #Poor #Winning

12. They fit perfectly under your boots

Ain't nobody got time to wrestle with a pair of jeans fitting into your leather boots. Leggings ease the process and prevent wrinkling or bulkiness.

13. You can comfortably drunk sleep in them

How pissed are you when you wake up in jeans or a dress after a night of partying? If you opt for leggings, you're basically ready for bed the second you get home from the bar.

Why do you need to change when you're already comfortable? Exactly.

14. They're multifunctional

You can wear them in any weather! They also serve as the go-to sorority outfit!

15. They are a practical substitute for sweatpants

Leggings are socially acceptable and are basically considered the Juicy pants of Gen-Y.

16. It's fun to debate whether they are pants or not

As if there were any debate? Obviously they are just as suitable as pants.

17. When you can't decide if your top is a shirt or a dress, just throw on a pair of leggings

Don't waste too much time trying to figure out if the outfit you're aiming for may be too short. Leggings eliminate that problem completely.

18. So you really want to lose three pounds? Throw on some high-waisted leggings

They may look like maternity pants, but the only thing high-waisted leggings are holding in is your food baby. Thank you, American Apparel, for giving women everywhere an excuse to eat that second slice of pizza.

19. You can actually work out in them

There's no chafing or pulling when working out in yoga pants. I mean, that's what they were made for, right? You instantaneously feel more flexible even if you've never done a toe-touch in your life.

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