The 10 Characteristics Of Your Friendship That Make Her Your Bestie

by Taya-Maria El-Asmar

For many, best friendships are probably one of the most sacred types of relationships. There are certain characteristics that describe your relationship with your best friend that don’t hold true for just any acquaintance — in fact, they're more in line with characteristics of a significant other.

1. A Sharing of Bullsh*t

There’s an automatic expectation that you're going to take part in their lies. You’ll have to pick up on the signs of when they need you to lie for them, and you’ll be expected to know what to say, based on the looks on their faces. It’s the bro-code of best friendships and you must uphold it, despite whether or not you agree.

I shouldn't have to ask you to lie for me. I shouldn't have to ask for your permission to put you in my lie. The day we agree to be best friends is the day that my bullsh*t is your bullsh*t and your bullsh*t is my bullsh*t.

2. The Sharing Of Items

This is a given: cigarettes, alcohol, tampons… you get the gist. If your best friend buys something, you immediately try it on and if it fits, then it becomes mutual property for both of you. It's completely normal to find a shirt that you thought you lost months ago at the bottom of your best friend's closet, or to randomly stumble upon her bra in your lingerie drawer. This is especially true if you share the same shoe size — which is every girl’s dream. It comes in handy for those times when you’re at her place and decide to go out last-minute, despite the fact that you have nothing to wear.

3. Constant Slumber Parties

You've reached a stage in your relationship where you don't need to ask — or invite — your best friend to sleepover. It's come to the point that you just walk in, open her fridge, make a sandwich and snuggle into her bed, unannounced. You might even have a key to her place. A great thing about this is that your best friend takes your unannounced presence as a lovely surprise.

4. Silence Is Golden

You can sit for hours on end on the couch or in the bed together on your phones or reading books, saying absolutely nothing — and it’s not awkward and it definitely doesn’t feel like a waste of time.

5. Automatic Plus One

Your best friend is your automatic plus one. You don't even need to ask if she’s coming to the Avicii concert or your cousin's wedding. There is mutual assumption that she will be there with you.

6. Shameless Behavior

You are not ashamed around best friends and there are no boundaries. You talk about weird sex experiences and ask her opinion of that annoying rash on the inside of your inner thigh. If there's something new you want to try with your partner in the bedroom, your best friend is the first person who you ask for advice.

7. You Become A Part Of The Family

You two are so close that you have each other's parents and siblings in your phones. If you can't reach your best friend, you feel absolutely comfortable calling her family members to find out what’s going on. If there's a family gathering, you're expected to be there. If you're not present, the entire family wonders where you are.

8. The Stamp Of Approval

When it comes to a new person you're dating, your best friend needs to give the stamp of approval. As soon as someone new enters your life, you immediately arrange for him to meet your best friend to see if the union has potential to continue.

9. Distance Doesn't Matter

Whether you haven't seen your best friend in months or you saw her last night, you pick up exactly where you left off. In today’s world, it's not like you can't communicate with iMessage or BBM or Whatsapp — you're constantly blowing up each other's phones, updating each other with every minute life detail. You never get sick of each other and if you happened to spend a few hours without communication, you feel like something is missing.

10. Pranking

Your best friend is your key target for pranks. But at the end of the day, it's okay, because you never take anything personally. One time, my best friend shipped an iPad box to my place... I was ecstatic! “What a great friend,” I thought. Then, I opened the iPad box and saw a T-shirt with "Bazinga" written on it. Though my heart was shattered, I appreciate a good joke and love her more for feeling the same way.

Photo credit: Miss Ivy