You Can Actually Buy Temporary Freckles For Your Face (Photos)

Those cute little freckles sprinkled across Rashida Jones' face can now be duplicated with a stencil and cosmetic formula.

It's all thanks to Freck Yourself, a brand dedicated to producing at-home simulated freckle kits.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the LA-based company recently created a Kickstarter fund to help raise money for its faux freckles.

The kit includes 72 sticky stencils and a handy rollerball filled with henna-colored formula to make realistic-looking marks.

According to the company, these spots last longer and look more realistic than they would if you drew them on with eyeliner. That's because the formula's pigmentation is similar to that of a sunless tanner.

Although they're temporary, the tiny specks last for up to two days. If you apply a new layer every morning, they can even last up to 4-6 weeks.

Unsure about the legitimacy of the start-up beauty brand? Freck Yourself partners with Cosmetix West, a manufacturer that works with GlamGlow and Philosophy.

The minimum donation to get your hands on a kit early is $28. The company hopes to start rolling out shipments in February.

You're stuck with these Demi Lovato-inspired spots for two days, so make it count. No pressure.

Commit to the location of your faux freckles. Just under your eyes, or all over? Your choice.

Apply the formula over the stencil to solidify your new look. Nice and easy.

Peel off the stencil, showing off your new angel kisses.

And, of course, take a badass selfie!