This 18-Year-Old Designs Stunning Costume Gowns You Must See To Believe

Most people feel accomplished if they manage to sew loose buttons back onto their blouses.

However, a Long Island teen named Angela Clayton is a bit beyond that: She's crafting incredibly detailed gowns from scratch.

The 18-year-old is primarily self-taught. She creates a wide variety of gowns and ensembles, ranging from a Napoleon Bonaparte look to a Tudor ensemble.

Clayton reportedly owns over 25 wigs to wear with her dresses.

She carefully maintains fair skin that strikes a contrast against each of her gowns.

According to her Tumblr, Clayton currently works part time while developing her costume portfolio.

She's taken a post-high school gap year before applying to fashion internships.

Any program would be lucky to have her skilled hands and imaginative mind.

The nearly 6-foot-tall Long Islander, who admittedly rarely leaves home, frequently posts luxe photos posing in her creations.

And it's not all history and myth, either. Clayton often makes clothing inspired by the most recent runways.

Clayton told BuzzFeed it's the combination of technique and beauty that captivates her.

She said, "I love the freedom of working on original designs, and the complexity and detail of work that comes with historical projects..."

"I really love English fashion from the 1620s and 1630s, and ball gowns from the 1860s."

"And I always find myself going back to Renaissance styles since there is so much variety."

Clayton makes quite the majestic queen.

But that doesn't stop her from trying more adventurous ensembles.

This teen is a truly talented artist.

She has a big future ahead of her.

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