Here's How To DIY Taylor Swift's Badass 'Bad Blood' Group Costumes

by Brit + Co
Brit + Co

Ladies, prep for Halloween 2015 starts now! Yes. You read that correctly. We are NOT messing around here.

We are so excited to kick off our favorite DIY-able holiday with our take of one of this year's most badass music videos, Bad Blood starring, well, EVERYONE and lead by our girl T-Swift. This chick is unstoppable and soon, you and your girls will be too.

We're taking you through the entire cast one by one to show you how to recreate a totally on-point group costume for the biggest dress up day of the year. Grab four of your besties and get ready to flash some leg and rock more faux leather than you ever have in your lifetime.

Kelly as Zendaya

Our DIY editor Kelly as Zendaya with her sultry smirk and owning every second of strutting this look.

The DIY Details:

For this look, I paired a faux leather skirt with a leather tank top (you could wear a leather bodycon dress if you have one). To recreate the beaded chain metal tank, I found a dress that had this gold metallic lace layer overlay — I cut off  the sleeves and used the top portion over the leather tank and reserved the bottom portion for another look you'll see later. To create the long skirt in the back, buy a ¼ yard of faux leather fabric and glue or tuck in into the back of the skirt. Knee-high black boots over a pair of nude nylons/tights and biker gloves round out the out-to-kick-some-ass look.

Marisa as Gigi Hadid

Oh Marisa gurlllll! Our Junior Designer is giving Gigi a run for her money suited head to toe in patent leather!

The DIY Details:

If you look closely, you can see the undergarment is actually a bodysuit that I found at a clubwear store like New York Apparel (but you can totally use a one-piece black bikini if you don't want to flash as much skin). To make the harness, I attached silver trim to black ribbon with a glue gun for the straps, then attached that to a high-waisted studded belt with fashion tape. For the body chain, we layered on silver chain necklaces we already had plus ones found at a cheap local accessory store. Top off the look with shiny, above-the-elbow gloves and the black leather leggings you wear on the daily, and you're ready to throw down.

Cecelia as Taylor Swift

Cecelia, our Head of Marketing, is channeling her inner T-Swift like a boss lady, wouldn't you say?!? This look was super easy to pull together. The shorts are from American Apparel and the piece underneath it was part of an exotic bikini from a clubwear store all rocked over a pair of nude nylons.

The DIY Details:

To create the shirt, slice the cutouts in a black sleeved crop top using a pair of fabric sheers. The silver harness is made from hot gluing metallic ribbon together (easy peasy!). Not many of us own thigh high leather boots, so a good way to fake it is to grab a pair of these thigh high leather socks  from a clubwear store and wear your favorite black heeled booties over them. Even if you don't have blonde hair, a dark red lip seals the deal — you're the leader of this pack.

Beth as Martha Hunt

Beth, our Editorial Intern, was hilarious when she said “This could not be more OPPOSITE of how I actually dress!” (I had to remind her to take out her pearl earrings right before shooting! Haha!). You couldn't tell, though, with her rocking this patent leather get-up, eh?!

The DIY Details:

This is probably one of the most complex looks to recreate out of the entire crew. For the top, I attached black patent leather pieces to the shoulders of a tight black crop top to make it look more like armor with hot glue, or you could use fashion tape if you don't want to mess up your shirt. Layered over the top is a patent leather cutout bikini top that I hot glued on gold shiny gold trim, then topped it off with two metal pieces from a gold necklace I found at a thrift store for $3! Around the base of the shirt is another piece of glued-on gold ribbon. The skirt is just a faux leather high waisted skirt worn over a pair of nude nylons/tights. Her bullet holster is just a belt! Whaha?! I KNOW! BAD. ASS.

Misty as Serayah

Lastly, there is me! OH man was this look fun to put on (a little funny to see my co-workers shocked faces when they walked by our shoot, but so worth the laughs)! I am wearing black high waisted briefs over a pair of nude nylons/tights and a silver metallic tube top as my base.

The DIY Details:

Remember that layer of gold lace from the dress I cut up for Zendaya's look? This is the other part of it wrapped around my booty to create the layered look. The top is a cut out bralette that I found at the clubwear store. If you wanted though, grab an inexpensive or seasons-old black bikini top and cut out the top portion to create the cutouts. The holster is made with the two pieces of black ribbon hot glued together, leaving spaces for the ammo to go through (SO important for these costumes!) and secured with hot glue so it can be worn over the shoulder. Polish off the look with a studded choker and biker gloves. Now if only I could have Serayah's ridiculously amazing hair!!!

The Toy Guns N' Stuff:

I spray painted all of the toy guns with a matte black spray paint, the ammo with silver spray paint and other bullets with gold spray paint. For Gigi's bazooka I used black duct tape to attach the toy missile launcher plus toy bazooka together. The holsters are made from two strips of thick black ribbon hot glued together — with spaces left for the ammo  — and glued together at the ends to create a loop that can go over your shoulder. Here's a breakdown:

4 Maxx Action Toy 9 MM Handgun 13” Silencer with Electronic Sound ($10) each.

2 UTG Elite Tactical Right Handed Leg Holster ($14) each.

Paradise Treasures (™) Toy Missile Launcher With Grenades ($29)

Total X-Stream Air Sonic Bazooka ($10)

Velocity Toys AK47 with Firing Sounds/Lights/Bullets ($19)

As much as we loved channeling our inner badasses, at the end of the day this crew is just a bunch of goofballs who are all feeling stoked that we get to play dress up all day at work!

We are giving you more than ample time to prepare these looks for this years festivities. You and your girls I promise will not be the only ones out there dressed up like these hawt beauties, but if you start soon, you can be one of the better of the bunch! And wait, how rad is it going to be when you and your gal pals run into other gorgeous ladies done up to the nines in similar costumes?! That is a whole lot of who-MAN! Ohh, Taylor would be proud!