New Tanning Laws In Jersey Inspired By Tanning Mom

By no means do tanning beds only exist in New Jersey, but as a lifelong Jersey resident, I can definitely guarantee that New Jersey residents love their tanning beds. Any main road in New Jersey hosts at least three tanning salons, and for whatever reason, people continue using them.

Now, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is attempting to put some kind of stop to this behavior. He has just signed a bill into effect that bans children under the age of 17 from using commercial tanning beds.

Good job Christie. It’s best to not expose children to the skin cancer causing mechanisms that are generally overall bad for your health. What inspired this bill? “The new restrictions imposed by this bill followed a single but breathlessly reported incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.”

Hmm, is that you Tan Mom? I think so.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images