The Super Easy Way To Create A Warm Smokey Eye In Three Steps

by Emily Arata

Back in the day, the hottest nail polish color was black and the only purveyor of hair dye was Hot Topic. Thankfully, we've grown up a lot since then.

That smoldering, black-and-grey smokey eye reminds us of awkward high school parties (but we kind of love it?). Unfortunately, harsh tones can overwhelm the face instead of flattering it.

If you're not aiming to look like Elvira, it's time to consider tailoring your eyeshadow to your skin color.

Celine Rahman

In just three steps so simple you can achieve them while pregaming, create a smokey look using warm shades like chocolate brown and creamy taupe. These colors will enhance your features and bring new light to your face. Lori Taylor Davis, lead makeup artist for Smashbox Pro, shows us how it's done.

Apply primer, then lay down a base layer of color.

Celine Rahman

After prepping the skin, Taylor Davis used Smashbox's Shape Matters Palette. She mixed two dark shades of brown (Sumatra and Contour) before coating the entire eyelid from lashline to crease. Be sure to blend thoroughly to keep the color soft.

Bring the color to the bottom lid.

Celine Rahman

Using the same two shades, Taylor Davis used an eyeshadow brush to apply color below the bottom lash line. Using gentle, small strokes, she blended it down into a soft finish.

As a finishing step, trace a waterproof brown liner along the lower lashline only (Seen here: Smashbox's Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane).

Define your lashes.

Celine Rahman

Finish with full lashes, thanks to three coats of Smashbox's Full Exposure Mascara. After, add a warm nude lipstick.