6 Trends To Try Out This Summer, As Told By Your Favorite TV Show


When it comes to our favorite TV shows, there's no denying costume design plays a big part in character development.

For instance, you would not have the refined Lady Mary Crawley from "Downton Abbey" wearing the same modern, cutout LBD as the rebellious Princess Eleanor on "The Royals."

As you become a committed viewer of a show, you may tend to feel like you're are developing a slight connection with the characters, and that just might manifest itself in your wardrobe.

To help you channel your favorite star, here are a few tips for how to dress, according to your favorite TV show.

"Orange is the New Black"


Obviously, the main trend in this show is prison wear. While you do not want to take this trend too literally, you can still achieve the same utilitarian vibe without becoming the subject of a 9-1-1 call.

There are several ways to achieve a cool, durable look similar to the one in the TV show. One way is with a button-down jumpsuit, distressed denim or an Army green material. They both provide an edgy vibe, but are very wearable.

Finish off your rugged look with weathered brown combat boots and a bandana.

"Game of Thrones"


Please be extremely careful with this one or you'll risk looking like a fair maiden at the medieval fair.

First, a long peasant skirt in a muted color would allow you to channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen without going overboard. Combine with rustic gladiator sandals, a wispy peasant top and a gold pendant to finish it off.

You could also try out a bell sleeve lace top or dress paired with flat, suede boots for a more ornate take on the barren trends of the show.

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians"


Despite what you may think, the Kardashian sisters have pretty diverse styles, and it would be impossible to recommend trends without distinguishing their tastes.

Feeling like a bombshell this season? Why not take a cue from the pencil skirt queen, Kim. If you tend to lean toward softer, relaxed pieces, you're probably a Kourtney.

Or, if you're a rebel like Kylie, opt for edgy, black, high-waisted shorts and cut an old band t-shirt into a cool crop top.

Now grab your gladiator heels and studded grill, because you're ready to take Miami.

"Downton Abbey"


In this British, 20s-era show, there are subtle hints of decadence in beaded appliques on chiffon dresses, pearl necklaces, lace sleeves and unique brooches.

What's amazing about these trends is they're relevant on the runways of some of today's biggest designers. With a little help, you can make the connection between the early 20th century and 2015 easier than it may seem.

Try pairing lace tops in subtle pigments with brocade shorts to achieve an endearing vintage look. Pair it with a pair of lace oxford shoes to top the look off. Very middle class, as the Dowager Countess would say.

"True Detective"


On this show, you'll find a pair of crepe shorts paired with a matching blazer exudes control and confidence, but  there are some casual, off-duty looks seen throughout the show.

Recreate Sheriff Ani Bezzerides' style with black crepe trousers paired with an oversized denim blouse and Army green pumps.

"Dance Moms"


While you obviously do not want to dress like a stereotypical dance mom, there are some fun ideas to pull from the little dance divas on the show.

Channel your inner ballerina with a tulle midi skirt worn with a pair of pumps and a crop top. Maybe even rock a leotard tucked in. If this isn't your thing, scalloped, pastel shorts would achieve the same pristine ballerina vibe.

Dance on!