This Quiz Will Tell You Who You Should Date Based On Your Personal Style

thais ramos varela

My ex from college and I were never going to work out.

It's not that we were incompatible, or that we were headed in different directions. It's not even that he was more into partying than I was. It was because our senses of style were so different.

My best friend at the time loved to remind me of it. She'd talk about his penchant for pleated pants and popped collars and tell me that we'd never work.

“You dress way better than him,” she'd tell me.

We did eventually break up, and as much as I'd like to think it was for other reasons (he wanted to move to Vermont and thought that pursuing a career as a fashion and beauty writer was “silly”), I wonder if it had anything to do with his inability to dress like anything other than a douche-y frat boy.

Fashion is an important part of the image we portray to the world, and his style just didn't jive with mine. I guess we just weren't sartorially compatible.

Learn from my mistakes, and take this style quiz to figure out what kind of guy jives with your fashion personality.