Girls With Perfect Grades Still Make Less Than Guys Who Barely Pass In School

by Alexia LaFata

A new study from the University of Miami reveals that your high school grade point average is a great indicator of how much money you will make in the workplace.

The higher your high school GPA, the more money you will make. Seems logical, right? A high GPA likely indicates a combination of a person's good work ethic and intelligence, and thus potential career success, so this makes sense.

Unfortunately, the monetary rewards are not even for both genders. A woman with a high school GPA of 4.0 is worth half as much as a man with a high school GPA of 2.0. Similarly, a woman with a 2.0 is worth – you guessed it – the same as a man with a 0.0.

According to this study, although average high school GPAs are actually higher for women overall, men end up having higher incomes later in life.

via University of Miami

Seems like the phrase “give it 110 percent!” has taken on a new meaning. Women really do have to give 110 percent -- literally, more than a maximum possible GPA of 4.0 – to have any shot of competing against men in the workplace.

Even high-achieving females who attend college and beyond are unable to close the gender gap: Women who have associate's degrees make less than men with vocational degrees, women with bachelor's degrees make less than men with associate's degrees and women with advanced degrees make less than men with bachelor's degrees.

A man and a woman can graduate from college with the same major, grades and career goals, but a man will make more money at his first job.

Overall, women who have year-round, full-time jobs make 77 percent of what men make in their equivalent year-round, full-time jobs.

Looks like feminism, sadly, still has a long way to go.

via Think Progress, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr