Healthy And Happy: 24 Reasons Why I'd Rather Be Strong Than Skinny

by Ashley Fern

There is a new anthem that has encroached its way into society: Strong is the new skinny.

While we are a huge fan of this movement, because who doesn't want to embrace a healthy lifestyle? — we are in no way insulting those who live their lives on the skinny side.

But, as every fitness fanatic knows, the results you really want come from getting fit and lifting weights. People who focus on this type of exercise fall in love with the health aspect that comes along with it.

They encourage themselves by looking at the results they have worked hard to achieve through their own convictions.

These people unknowingly (or knowingly) took a stance against advertisements promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and have the muscle mass to prove it.

Strong is the new skinny doesn't only apply to your physical wellbeing but your mental as well. Being strong is having the confidence and determination to create and live up to standards that fit your lifestyle.

So why is it time to really focus on woman's strength?

1. Beauty is health

There is nothing attractive about an unhealthy lifestyle. We should embrace our bodies and push them to their limits.

2. It offers a little extra to hold on to

The saying more cushion for the pushing didn't appear out of nowhere. Trust me on this, people enjoy being with others they can hold on to — physically and literally.

3. Curves are sexy

Curves are what make individuals just that — individuals. It's beautiful to have your own shape. The moment you learn how to rock your figure is the moment your life is changed for the better.

4. You're not constantly fighting off hunger

To build muscle, you can't deprive your body of the nutrients it so desperately needs. And anything that supports eating, is something we can get on board with.

5. You look like you're flexing without even trying

Everyone knows Madonna has the best arms in the game, followed by Jennifer Aniston. They may not be flexing or even subtly flexing, but when you look at them, you can't help but focus in on their arms.

6. You never have to ask guys to do anything for you

You know who's going to open that jar of salsa for you? That's right — you are. Even if you have to bang it on the counter a few times, there's no way you're asking anyone else to help you out. You've got the power!

7. It's a surprise every time you take your clothes off

All men know what they're getting when bringing home a skinny chick. The surprise and excitement is when you rip those clothes off and chiseled abs are revealed.

8. You're really not intimidated by anything

Once you've braved it over to the male-populated free weight section of the gym, you really can head into any situation with poise and ease.

9. You can carry your own weight

You don't need anyone's assistance when it comes to practically anything. You are strong and resilient and are damn proud of it.

10. You wear your clothes, your clothes don't wear you

Sure, every outfit may not complement your figure, but it's much better than serving as a hanger for clothes. You should wear your clothes, not let them wear you.

11. Because we like knowing what our bodies are capable of

Your body is truly an amazing machine, as any lover of fitness will preach. Your mind will give up before your body ever will, and that's something you learn pretty quickly when it comes to getting fit.

12. No one will ever f*ck with you

Girls will think twice before talking sh*t to or about you. Why? You got that arm to back it up.

13. Because walking home alone just got a little more manageable

Sure, maybe you don't want to stroll home at three in the morning, but knowing you have the skills to fight someone off is a great security blanket.

14. It's pretty damn powerful to have a commanding presence

You can guarantee everyone's heads are turning the moment you enter a room.

15. Being at the bar has a double meaning for you

Your favorite place is the bar — whether it's the actual bar to get your drink on, or you're in the mood for some deadlifts at the gym.

16. You don't spend every moment nitpicking yourself

You have much more exciting things to focus on, like those abdominal lines you are starting to see form across your stomach.

17. You respect your body for the machine it is

You spend your time encouraging and praising your body, not knocking it. Only you can figure out how far you can go, and once you reach that point, it's difficult to ever go back.

18. You're not counting calories; you're burning them

Give us food, or give us death...

19. You treat fat like it's energy and not something to be ashamed of

How are you expected to sustain an effective fitness regimen if you are depriving yourself of the nutrients it needs to get going?

20. You don't feel too guilty when you indulge

The more muscle you have, the less you can tell you just pigged out in your kitchen.

21. You make your own decisions about your body; no one else does

You don't let society tell you what does or doesn't look good. You create personalized standards, and that's the way you go about your life.

22. You have your own definition of beauty

Beauty varies from person to person, and that's totally OK. Just don't let anyone else's warped perception infiltrate your strong mindset.

23. You know what real power looks and feels like

Real power isn't fitting into a size 0; real power is any and all physical limits you can push your body past.

24. You aren't intimidated by a challenge

In fact, you absolutely thrive on it.

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