To Have, Hold (And Sip)…Until Death Do Us Part


One latte, two iced coffees, three Frappachinos, more. My love affair with coffee has been outdone – for sure. I adore Starbucks for its color scheme, festive holiday cup designs and seasonal drinks. Sometimes I can’t help but pop by more than once a day to indulge in its crushable custom creations.

In December, however, an Oklahoma couple upped the ante when they tied the knot at a local Starbucks. Among baristas, Frappuccinos and 50 guests, the pair that met on a dating site in 2008 said “I do” to peppermint mochas and matrimony.

But it turns out there isn’t something in the water – or the caramel macchiatos, for that matter, just in Oklahoma. Last summer, a Canadian man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of Starbucks, by creating an outdoor replica of the world-famous café. They too had their first date at Starbucks, 10 months earlier.

Alternatively, for a less-commercial venue/location, brides and grooms can visit Voodoo Doughnut in Oregon. For as little as $300, a six-person wedding can be super sweet, equipped with delicious fried dough and coffee.

Maybe these brides have the right idea. Who needs a fancy, expensive soirée when you can be surrounded by caffeine, tempting treats and loved ones? In 2009, an Illinois couple married at a local Taco Bell…but I digress.

Clearly, Starbucks will remain the site of many past and future milestone memories, but after all this wedding talk, I’m not ready to commit to one coffee chain for the rest of eternity (it’s not you, Starbucks, it’s me).

I’m not looking forward to tripping over flower girls and rose petals on my everyday waltz to the register. So, later this month I’ll be celebrating National Coffee Day (September 29) from home with Nescafé Memento 100-calorie café beverages, and Bean & Body – both sans line, baristas and putting on real clothes (and especially not black-tie optional attire).

A sincere congrats to Oklahoma and Canada (…Illinois too!). As everyone else searches for his or her single-serve soul mate, or the perfect “Joe,” I’ll happily seek comfort knowing I’m not the only one with a coffee crush.

Hilary Sheinbaum | Elite.