This Company Is Crowdfunding A Sports Bra For Big Boobs Up To Size K, Finally

by Emily Arata

If you work out regularly and also happen to be a lady with large breasts, there's one scenario you're probably all too familiar with: You're out on the track, just trying to burn some calories, and your boobs practically hit you in the face.

They're moving so much, in fact, that you decide to sit out the rest of the workout. You trade box jumps for sitting around, or you run two miles instead of six.

It's the most frustrating feeling in the world, being held back just because your pleasantly oversized mammaries can't be tamed.

A brand called Bloom Bras has set out to remedy the faulty sports bra problem, promising one design that fits cups D to K. Even though cup sizes are mostly a lie, it's nice to see the big-chested ladies finally getting some athletic love.

It's challenging to move and stay active when there's no undergarment prepared to slow your (boob) roll.

Nine West alum Elyse Kaye, the brand's founder, worked with celebrity corsetiere Camilla Huey to perfect her design. Fresh from the underwear drawers of well-endowed ladies like Oprah and Katy Perry, Huey provided the know-how to make a longline bra with patented strap designs that promise never to leave angry marks on your shoulders.

Instead of underwire, the Bloom Bra features compression to hold you in place.

What's more, the design is sexy. The front zip is a far cry from those neon monstrosities you're used to, and the mesh back says "hey, maybe wear me to a concert instead of just the gym."

Kaye says of her creation, 20 years in the making,

It is our goal at Bloom Bras to design products which are easily adjustable for every activity and are always comfortable to wear. It moves with you through normal weight gain and loss throughout your cycle.

With 14 days left to go in its Kickstarter funding period, Bloom has already raised nearly $5,000 dollars over its $20,000 goal. Now, 250 backers are impatiently waiting for the brassiere to come to life.

Will you support a game-changing bra?