Solutions Scarf Holder

I love products. I’ll go into a home store and leave in debt, due to the fact that I feel as if I need everything in the store. Sometimes my ludicrous shopping habits pay off, and I find something that is not only affordable, but functional.

This Solutions Scarf Holder falls into those categories. Of course, as a fashionable woman, you’re bound to have multiple scarves. Summer scarves, fall and winter scarves, there’s so many different varieties to own.

This scarf holder features five medium sized hoops and twelve small sized hoops for a combined eighteen spaces to hold eighteen scarves, obviously. These hoops are fused together and hung on a closet rod, which conveniently allows you to hang your closet upright in your closet, eliminating wrinkled or tangled scarves from your life.

Not only is this product simple, effective, and convenient, it’s ridiculously affordable. As in $9.98, or two for $8.98. Unbelievable. Purchase this organization gem here.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images