This New Social Media Challenge Will Gross You Out On So Many Levels

by Talia Koren

The internet sucks sometimes. It's like every month there's a new ridiculous social media challenge for people to participate in.

I'm not even surprised that this challenge has happened. And it can only get worse from here.

This time? It's the panty challenge.

So I guess this ridiculous (and totally gross) challenge is aimed at proving that vaginal discharge doesn't exist or means that you're not clean?

Look, vaginal discharge is completely normal and happens to every single woman. But that doesn't mean we need to make it a competition.

And I'm sorry, but no one cares about your panties, clean or not.

Anyway, this challenge was one of the grossest things I've ever subjected myself to reading about on the Internet. And it's all thanks to this one Facebook post that went viral.

In the post, this woman goes into detail about her vaginal discharge and why it doesn't show up on her panties in the photo. She says it's nonexistent because she "drinks a lot of water." Whatever. Whether she has crystal clear, nonexistent discharge or not, it doesn't mean that thicker or colored discharge is gross or bad.

Of course, because people aren't that stupid, this challenge didn't take off. But it made people angry on Twitter, for a good reason too.

Regardless, the whole idea is disgusting for two reasons and it's not because of vaginal discharge.

One, it's disgusting because there's no reason women should be shamed for a normal bodily function. And two, it's gross because no one should be posting pics of their panties online for the world to see.

I'm not telling women to hide it, I'm just saying we don't need to know what's going on in your panties.

Why people, why?

Yes, while vaginal discharge can tell you if something's up with your body, for the most part, what appears on your panties isn't going to look exactly like what appears on the panties of someone else.

Luckily, most women weren't phased by this ridiculous challenge.

If we've gotten to the point where people are posting pics of their panties, I might have to take a long break from the internet.

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