You Get Better With Age: 30 Signs Wine Is Your Spirit Animal

by Lauren Martin

If I were wine, I’d be a cabernet…

Ever have a connection with something you couldn’t explain? Ever felt a spirit or presence in something other than yourself? Have you ever seen your soul in something you couldn't quite explain?

Maybe you connected with the stoic nature of an eagle or the piercing eyes of a passing cat. Maybe you felt a weird energy towards some person you never met before or someone you watched on TV.

Maybe you have love for a woman or man you just met. There's a reason for these weird connections. There's a reason we connect with other people, animals and wandering souls. They are our spirit animals.

According to Urban Dictionary:

So, what if it’s always a bottle of wine that’s calling to you? What if you feel most connected and alive with that glass of pinot noir in the corner? What if you feel you've learned the most by the presence of wine in your life?

Some people call it fool crockery, but if animals can have spiritual connections to humans, why can't wine? If it’s just something that represents the traits and characteristics you have, can’t the timeless qualities of fermented grapes make for one?

There are qualities and characteristics to every great glass of wine. There are dimensions that go beyond the bottle and many times connect with our soul.

Being in the presence of wine is a deep and emotional experience, especially when you’re connecting with a few different bottles... Some people see wisdom, others truth, but we all get something out of wine.

It was Horace, the Roman philosopher, who said, "Wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul, gives being to our hopes, bids the coward flight, drives dull care away, and teaches new means for the accomplishment of our wishes."

For many, wine has been their guide, their teacher and their soul mate. Wine has shown them things they didn't even know existed in themselves and taught them valuable knowledge.

Wine has been a mastery point for many, reaching that point where mentor and student become one. So for all of you who feel that deep connection that can only be described as “translucent” and “spiritual," then maybe wine really is your spirit animal.

You give people that warm fuzzy feeling inside

No, it's not love, it's something stronger...

You get better with age

Unlike a stripper, you only get more expensive with the passing years.

You flourish at parties and intimate gathering

You're the center of attention, whether it's a wild frat party or a simple girls' dinner.

You have a religious side

You are openly welcomed and received at church.

You connect with old people

People love to bring you around their grandparents, knowing you'll always have something warm and comforting to talk to them about.

Sometimes you’re dry and sometimes you’re bubbly

You are far from one-dimensional. You can be energetic and bubbly or reserved and bitter.

You make your mom a little crazy on Friday nights

She might only see you once or twice a week, but your dad is always happy you came to visit.

You make family occasions that much better

Without you, no one would know how to talk to one another.

You taste good from the box

It's self-explanatory, isn't it?

You’re good for the heart

You really are like a dose of medicine.

You’re great as a dinner date

You're really the type who can just share the silence.

You’re just a little bit more fun uncorked

Sometimes you're uptight, but you eventually unscrew.

 You are loved by all ethnicities and races

Like Bono, everyone just loves you.

You can have expensive taste and cheap taste

You understand the finer things in life, but have no problem stripping down.

You are great to cook with

You never took lessons, you're just one of the great improvisors.

You love a quiet night in

Unlike some of your more wild companions, you're content to just stay in and make movie night a little more entertaining.

You don’t like to be kept in the open

You don't like to air everything out for everyone. At a certain point, you like to close off and save it for another time.

You can dress up or down

You look damn good in black tie, but you can always rock the plastic, trashy look.

You are a great guest 

You're the guest who always leaves last and arrives first.

You bring peace between enemies

You're a great mediator.

You love a great Cher song

There are some artists who just get you...

You are great at sex

You can put anyone in the mood.

You can be quite romantic

You have a tendency to turn an ordinary evening into a special one.

You may be the only thing keeping your parents together

Family is important and there would be far more fights without you.

You have a great sense of humor

You have that flair for finding comedy in any situation.

You're easy-going

You really know how to cut the tension.

You love a good picnic

Only if everyone else remembers the cheese...

You’re the only one who can open up your aunt Sally

You have a tendency for getting even the most uptight family members out of their shells.

You give meaning to business dinners

You've been at the bottom of every great idea.

You can make the greatest man a fool

You have the power to make powerful men stagger.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It