23 Telltale Signs You've Become A Full-Blown Mom On Facebook

by Niki McGloster
Paramount Pictures

Helping your mom set up her Facebook page is as frustrating as constantly seeing Ariana Grande's half-ponytail. But once the training wheels are off, she still manages to put, "You look so cute! What are you doing?" under every one of your party pics.

Though it's adorably embarrassing watching her bumble her way through Facebook, it's quite mortifying to realize she's actually your social media spirit animal.

No use in denying it, you two are cut from the same cloth.

With every like of your own profile pic or self-righteous status, you become more of a Facebook mom than your high school frenemy who actually has kids.

In your defense, we've all had our moments of mom-ing the sh*t out of someone on the Interwebs. But if you're keeping up with your Facebook page better than your eyebrows, you might have a problem.

Here are all the ways you have basically become a full-blown Facebook mom.

1. When your profile page isn't even a picture of you.

Yes, your nephew's Halloween costume from last year is adorable. We get it.

2. When you text someone about his or her Facebook profile photo.

Hitting the Like button and leaving a comment is just not enough.

3. When your statuses include horrible grammatical errors.

Your run-on sentences are riveting!

4. When you like the most random fan pages.

You're low-key reliving your childhood with "Frosty The Snowman" and "One Tree Hill" photo albums.

5. When you obnoxiously jump into romantic conversations between your friend and her crush.

Butting in is more of a mom thing than mom jeans.

6. When your happy birthday messages are accompanied by those weird sparkle gifs.

Seriously? Where did you even download those from?

7. When you treat comments like a blog post.

Now that you've gotten your thoughts out about how war veterans are better heroes than Caitlyn Jenner, how dumb do you feel?

8. When you like your little sister's boyfriend's family photos.

Keeping it all in the family, are you?

9. When you type in all caps.


10. When you make sure to update your status at least once a day.

Your followers are more than just family and friends. You are their fearless leader and must update them on your every move.

11. When you update your relationship status to married at your wedding reception.

Facebook is your life scrapbook, of course you did.

12. When you re-upload your profile pic.

Because you don't even know how to set an old photo as your profile pic.

13. When you comment with "LIIIKKKEEE" when you could've just liked it.

Why doesn't Facebook have a Love button?

14. When you share the most unflattering #TBT pics.

In a world so vain, why would you do such a thing?

15. When you rant about how #blessed you are.

You're so thankful for your nine-to-five job and your boyfriend of eight years and your dog.

16. When you like your own photos.

You're so pleased with your bikini vacation pic, you had to like it yourself.

17. When you post every one of your kid's "first of" pictures.

Remember when you weren't pregnant and hated seeing people's kid's all over Facebook? Well, same.

18. When you post every detail of your kid's life.

You want to make sure everyone knows even though you're a mom, you're a Facebook MILF.

19. When you call Facebook "The Facebook."

No, it doesn't sound cool.

21. You actually sent someone a Candy Crush invite.

And got blocked for it.

22. When you have no real clue how Facebook actually works.

See? You really did grow up to be your mom. Maybe you're better off just tweeting.

23. When you write an "I don't care if you unfriend me" status after people unfriend you for posting too much.

If your high school bestie doesn't like your 20th "Blame Obama" post of the day, she doesn't need to follow you.