Shopping Is The Best Kind Of Exercise

Well, maybe not. Some weeks I shop more than others, so I can’t say that shopping exercise should always be considered an ‘exercise’. However, when I do go shopping, I’m browsing, and strolling around the mall for hours at a time.

That has to burn a bunch of calories right? I’ve never really kept track, but thankfully, a new British poll has. According to the poll, the average woman walks 208 miles a year, just by shopping, which can equate to approximately 14,844 calories (depending on your body weight, of course.

Not so sure how to translate that? 14,844 calories is approximately 67 bars of chocolate. Not feeling so guilty about snagging that Chocolate chip cookie for Starbucks on your last mall excursion now are you?

Of course, shopping should never replace your regular stream of workouts, but the next time someone complains about how often you shop: throw this little fun fact at them with an added ‘HA!’

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images