How Women Are Treating Themselves To Love This Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day creeps up, women are inundated with expectations of falling in love. If they are lucky, they'll fall deeply in love with the man of their dreams, but let’s be realistic: More often than not, it is a fabulous pair of shoes!

Women are forced to accept the truth that just like the men who capture their hearts, their passion for shoes causes nothing but agonizing pain and ongoing problems.

The relationship ladies have with their designer pumps is a never-ending parade of lust rather than true love.

Every woman wonders how something so beautiful could cause grief and irritation, and they may never get answers.

Winter, more so than other seasons, creates a unique fashion challenge for women. The cold weather, slushy ground and slippery streets leave every woman second-guessing her shoe game.

Ankle boots, knee highs, stilettos, oh my! The struggle is real…

Valentine’s Day is no different than any other special occasion where women crave the desire of their signifcant others or positive attention from new male seekers.

How else do they get a leg up on their male counterparts if not with their secret weapons, which are hidden deep in their closets, assured to stop the show on date night? Peep-toes? Wedges? Sky-high arches?

Men and women can both agree: Heels are guaranteed to turn heads.

The biggest concern women face with their precious, beloved shoes, is what I like to refer to as “shoe time.” Most women's favorite pair of shoes has a four-hour wear limit, tops.

They cannot be expected to last through a classic romantic evening of dining and dancing.

By the time a female navigates her way to her destination, she greets her seat with extreme enthusiasm, pretending she is smiling, rather than just gritting her teeth from the excruciating discomfort of the walk from the parking lot to the destination.

It’s sad to say, but the more mature a woman becomes, the more likely she is to choose practicality over desire. But, doesn’t that go against everything Valentine's Day represents?

True fashionistas do not settle when it comes to picking out their shoes. Sure, metallic flats go with everything, but if you start settling now, what’s next? A man? Absolutely not! Women need solutions that don't compromise the conceit.

So, like any girl with a dream, I went out and chased answers. I felt it was my responsibility to share this with my fellow divas.

The "Loub Job" (so clever) is the new, cutting-edge treatment developed by the Park Ave Podiatrist to the Stars, Dr. Suzanne Levine.

Fillers are no longer just for your face, as we, women, can now take the radical steps to eliminate the progressive suffering that comes from wearing our beloved pair of red bottoms.

With the secret finally revealed about how celebrities can rock fabulous, iconic shoes for hours on end while walking the red carpet, more women have experienced a serious condition known as "stiletto metatarsalgia," or painful feet.

Through injectable treatments and even at-home inserts, we never have to worry about a time limit for how long we can stand our ultimate heels.

Pain will become a distant memory and we will continue to strut around with ease, turning every head in the room.

The "Loub Job" procedure consists of collagen injections to the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet to create a pillow-like result.

The collagen also helps lubricate the foot joints to avoid further injury from high heels. The painless treatment is done under a fluoroscope and takes about 20 minutes, as to allow women to practice their runway walks in comfort, season after season.

Dr. Levine said,

My patients love the 'Loub Job' and come back religiously every year for it. The treatment lets them wear their sexy heels with ease and even exercise without discomfort in their feet. My goal is to help women look and feel their best and this procedure does just that.

Fantasy shoes have now become our realities. And, just in time for Valentine's Day.