The Sexiest Things A Woman Can Wear, According To Both Men And Women

There's an enormous difference between guy hot and girl hot.

Jumpsuits, for example? Girl hot.

Bodycon dresses and high heels, however, are firmly in the "guy hot" category.

Case in point: A recent Bumble date I went on. I spent nearly two hours making countless FaceTime calls to my friends and even sending several quick Snapchats just to figure out what the f*ck to wear.

I ended up going with a leather pencil skirt, pumps and a patterned silk top. Hot, but still comfortable enough for me not to feel like I have to tug and adjust every five minutes.

Seeing as I was half an hour late for our date and left my apartment in a state, I decided to get scientific. I sent a survey out to 20-somethings, both male and female.

The purpose was simple: Find out what women felt the most confident in while also discovering what's “hot” for men.

Turns out, both men and women agree the sexiest thing a woman can wear is an LBD, followed by casual jeans and a t-shirt.

Check out some of the best responses (with a visual guide, of course).

Girls still love their LBDs.


- Amanda

He notices your underwear.


- Evan

A red dress will be sure to grab attention.


- Teresa

Men will always be into jeans and a tee.


- Robert

Girls still love their feminine pieces.


- Zara