7 Ways Fashion Thrives In The Fall Season

Besides the fact that the cooler weather lends itself to snuggling, fall is by far the most romantic and exciting season for dressing.

Sure, you won’t be flashing as much skin as you do in the summer months, but the layers you add on provide so much more motivation to hold hands and sip cider with that special someone.

Grab someone else’s sweater and head to the pumpkin patch with the cutie you’re crushin’ on. The dropping temperatures and the changing leaves lend themselves to some super flattering fashion choices, which make fall, by far, our favorite season for looking good.

More Layers, More Mystery

Sure, teeny bikinis lend themselves to showing off the body you’ve sweated for all spring and summer long, but leaving a little something to the imagination is endlessly sexy.

Wearing a miniskirt with tights and booties or a trendy set of skinny jeans will show off your assets, but also add an element of surprise. Play up the mysterious vibe with the currently trending fall fedoras and some big sunglasses. You’ll leave them all wondering what you’re thinking.

You Can Wear My Sweater, Baby

Walking hand-in-hand on a crisp fall day is about as romantic as it gets. Nothing beats the chivalry of being offered a sweater when you start to shiver, though. Wrap yourself up in his coziest hoodie, and blush at the fact that he noticed you were chilly. How dreamy!

Stay Cozy and Be Cuddled

When you whip out the crushed velvet, cashmere and cozy knits, how can you not want to cuddle?! No guy can keep his hands off a super soft sweater. Snuggle up in some sumptuous fabric and, subsequently, someone else’s arms.

This is the season where walking around looking like you’re wrapped in a blanket is totally acceptable, and fashionable, too! Summer leaves us worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and whether or not that dress is really “too short.” Kiss these woes goodbye and settle into the comfiest season for dressing.

Don't Sweat It

The drop in humidity will do wonders for keeping your hair from becoming a frizzy mess, as was the inevitable in August. Not looking sweaty and shiny lends itself to glistening skin and locks.

Straighten your hair, and it will actually stay that way. Also be prepared to not sweat off all of your makeup. Strut your stuff in this moderate weather because, girl, you never looked so good!

Look Hot in Warm Colors

Deep burgundy, dark navy and warm earth tones are always in this time of year, and they flatter literally every skin tone. Playing with a fall palette lends itself to some truly stunning outfit options, as well as a cool, understated vibe that suits every style.

Furthermore, all these dark colors are slimming; they don’t stain, and they are so versatile when it comes to matching!

Add on the Accessories

There are limitless ways to accessorize in the cooler months: scarves, gloves, tights, hats and headbands are all so much more useful this time of year. Bundling up in multiple layers creates such a dynamic collection of outfits; nothing makes a girl look more like a style expert than her ability to layer!

An Autumnal Excuse to Shop

Fall is the season where doing a little extra shopping is almost a necessity. Whatever you wore out last year, and whatever is missing from your wardrobe becomes so apparent once you start to feel a chill.

Not that you need an excuse to go shopping, but this is a pretty good one. You know you need some new coats and booties, and if you happen to pick up some extra stuff along the way, well, that's okay, too.

Saying goodbye to summer is always a bit bittersweet, but the fun to be had with fashion overshadows any disappointment to be had at the beginning of September.

Yes, fall food, Halloween and the holidays are all reasons to get excited about autumn, but what is obviously more important is what you are going to wear when you enjoy all of the exciting days to come! Am I right, ladies?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr