Selfridges To Host First Drive-Through Department Store Service

If you were to ask any person from any country in the world which country was the laziest, I think they would all respond "America," much to my own disappointment. America is the country that perfected the drive-through and countless other effortless services as a means of making our very difficult lives less difficult.

Americans will implement a drive-through service in anything they possibly can, which is why I was shocked to hear that Great Britain would be the country to host the first drive-though department store. That’s right, a drive through department store.

Selfridges, a rather high-end British department store, has just opened their drive through service as a complement to their “click and collect” (order online and pick up in store) service. Most retailers offer services similar to that of “click and collect,” but what’s unique about Selfridges’ service is it’s reception.

Now Selfridges shoppers can order whatever they please online and pick it up same day in the store. Convenient, but for the shopper on the go (and on a tight schedule), it’s not enough. Selfridges expanded and upgraded it’s service by adding an entire reception area behind their Oxford Street store, where customers can retrieve online purchases without so much as getting out of their cars.

So, essentially, this drive-through department store service is identical to a car side to go service at a restaurant. It sure is enticing if you think about it. I mean, how many times have you been stressing about having nothing to wear that night? Wouldn’t it be amazing to purchase that shirt you saw in the department store a month before online, and quickly drive to go pick it up?

This service definitely could be more convenient than you think, and in this instance, I’ll dismiss calling ourselves lazy. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s something that New York should be expecting anytime soon, simply due to the fact that there is zero room to implement a drive-through behind Barney’s, Bendel’s or Bergdorf’s.

Photo Credit: Getty Images