5 Small Things All Women Can Say To Each Other To Be More Supportive

by Alex Schnee

Women can be extremely unkind to one another, especially if we feel insecure about happenings in our lives.

Whether we are jealous of another woman because of her looks, or of other circumstances, sometimes, we say things we don’t mean in order to get a reaction. And, sometimes, the things we say are downright nasty.

Here are some things we can say to other women to encourage them rather than bring them down:

1. You look gorgeous.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but a genuine compliment about true beauty? Well, that’s a real gesture.

Every girl likes to hear she is physically beautiful, but being truly gorgeous means a lot more than that.

A truly beautiful person takes into account others’ feelings and is compassionate — what better compliment is there? Of course, when someone says, "I look pretty fantastic in my new black dress I’m sucking my gut in for," I’m not too offended, either.

2. I like how you did _______.

Let's face it: Jealousy sucks. None of us like to imagine that someone is better than we are, and that goes for many different facets of our lives. We’ve hated certain women for looking like supermodels while we’re still figuring out basic hygiene.

There’s that one friend in middle school who did everything better than you, including making your crush laugh.

We’ve all dealt with the green-eyed monster popping up, and it’s not always easy to deal with maturely. But, if you can, you’ll learn that life immediately becomes more enjoyable if you can get past competing with other women.

Plus, commenting on how we can accomplish cool things together can make a difference, too.

3. You’re hilarious.

A great sense of humor implies so many things: intelligence, an interesting way to look at the world and the desire to relate to others.

Having friends who can laugh with you often provides the best support for one another, and complimenting a woman on her wit can help her realize her own special brand of humor. Plus, certain aspects of life are just worth laughing at.

4. You seem to care about this.

What’s more inspiring than a woman who is passionate about a cause or her career? There’s just something amazing about seeing another woman realize her dreams and care about others.

But, it’s not always fun and games when you are committed to a cause. In fact, sometimes, it can be exhausting, and without a little cheering up from others, it's easy to feel like you are fighting a war on your own.

Having support from friends or fellow women can make a huge difference. Encourage others for the right causes.

5. You’ve got this.

Sometimes, the world is a downright scary place, and navigating it as a young woman can prove challenging on some occasions. Often, all it takes is a nudge of support from a friend or family member you look up to.

When your best friend has a rough day at work or your sister has a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, letting them know you believe in them can give them the courage to get up and give it another go. Or get out of bed. That’s a big one, too.