The People That Habitually Fail At Life

by Ally Batista

One of the beautiful things about being a writer for a website like Elite Daily, is the privilege I have of being able to write an article every time I feel like ranting. I bitch on an article, post it, and get to watch all of you either agree, or get offended which makes me feel better, because it’s funny.

Everyone encounters rude people on a daily basis, but after a while, you encounter so many in one day that it becomes a severe annoyance. Here is my rant on the different types of rude people I UNFORTUNATELY encounter day-to-day.

People Who Bitch For No Reason

The other day, myself and another Elite Daily writer were on a NJ Transit train. We sat in the quiet car, which is typically the last car on the train, fully aware that it was a quiet car. QUIET, NOT SILENT. We were having a conversation, very quietly.

I would admit if I was being an asshole, but we were being completely considerate. Some bitch sitting behind us had to stick her two cents in and say to us “Um, excuse me. I don’t know if you know but this is a quiet car. So yeah, I don’t know if you know.”

Like, yes bitch we know. We’re not required to not speak. Besides, home girl was reading a fucking magazine. Like are you kidding? The train itself is louder than our conversation; you’re just a miserable bitch who had to take time out of your day to complain. People like this disgust me, you're rude.

People Who Only Speak Their Language

Before all of you sensitive, annoying people flip out on me, let me just defend myself: both of my parents are immigrants. They moved here from Europe and had to learn the language. My grandparents don’t even live in this country, so I’m not insensitive to immigration.

My siblings and I are first generation and all speak my parent’s first language as well. There, now I that I defended myself (this will most likely still piss people off because everyone has to get offended at everything like assholes nowadays…), I can continue.

It’s fucking rude when people are constantly speaking their original language. It’s rude that I have to press 1 for English. WE LIVE IN AMERICA, WE SHOULD ALL BE SPEAKING ENGLISH ALL THE TIME. Whatever you choose to speak in your own home and amongst your family is your choice; please by all means keep your family’s culture alive.

Speaking another language bothers me when people don’t feel the need to learn English and they’re living in this country. They get frustrated when someone doesn’t understand them. If you’re living in America, you should be required to speak English. That is all.

People Who Are Discontent With Their Job And Take It Out On Others


Like, okay I know working at McDonald’s was never your career goal, but that’s your job, so you better do it well. I hate when people are discontent with their jobs and take it out on others. If you’re working a job that requires you to interact with people in any context, you should always be polite. I don’t care what kind of day you had, that your boyfriend cheated on you, whatever, do your damn job how you’re supposed to.

Not only does being rude make you look stupid, it’s a poor representation of your company. If I’m ordering food and you roll your eyes at me, you’re not getting tipped. If I’m on the phone with customer service and you’re short and rude to me, I will do everything in my power to make sure you get fired. You suck.

People Who Don’t Say Thank You

Thank you. It’s two syllables. It takes two seconds to say. If you don’t say thank you, I hate you. If I held the door open and you didn’t say thank you, I’ll slam it back in your face. If I handed you something, complimented you, did the smallest fucking courtesy for you and you didn’t say thank you, you’re rude as fuck. Who raised you? I hope you’re truly as miserable as you seem.

People Who Are Noisy

Please stop chewing with your mouth open and breathing like Brainy from Hey Arnold, or I’ll punch you Helga Pataki style. Sorry I’m not.

People Who Smell

You can take a decent shower in less than five minutes if you’re fast. Deodorant is one of the cheapest things you can buy at a drugstore. You’re inconsiderate if you smell, because the rest of us have to smell you, and suppress our vomit.


Photo Credit: Getty Images