A Giant Room Full Of Boobs Exists, So You Can Cop A Feel For A Good Cause

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so lots of companies are finding creative ways to help out the cause.

The Chicago-based ad agency Havas Worldwide is a prime example.

In order to spread awareness about the disease, Havas is encouraging people to play with their boobs this month.

That's right. The company recently set up a plexiglass room in the lobby of their office and filled it with inflatable balloons that look like giant boobs!

Yes, you read that correctly. A room filled with massive tatas actually exists, and the breast part is, Havas is letting people come into the office and have a ball with them!

This interactive installation basically looks like an enormous ball pit, made specifically for adults.

And it's filled with a variety of 3-foot, inflatable boobies instead of those colorful plastic balls.

While there's no denying that immersing yourself in a pile of bouncing boobs looks insanely fun, there's actually a deeper meaning behind this eye-catching installation.

The campaign aims to send a powerful message about breast cancer awareness. It uses the hashtag #CheckYoSelf to remind women to self-examine their breasts on the reg and to check for abnormal lumps and bumps, which could be signs of cancer.

In addition to teaching both women and men about breast self-exams, the agency will donate money to FAB-U-WISH and Giuliana Rancic's nonprofit organization, The Pink Agenda, every time someone uses the hashtag on social media.

École Weinstein, Group Creative Director at Havas Chicago, told AdWeek,

This installation was designed to get a reaction. We wanted to do something bold and fun — using our creativity to convey a powerful message. If we can remind just one more woman or man to check themselves once a month, we've been successful.

If you're trying to cop a feel soon, Havas will be letting people play with the inflatable boobies until the end of October.

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