48 Romantic Things We Do For Ourselves When We Aren't In A Relationship

by Candice Jalili

Being single is, by no means, the business.

But your singleness does not necessarily signify a kiss of death for any romance in your life.

And no, when I say “romance,” I’m not talking about the 2 AM “heyy” from the man (?) you have listed in your contacts as “Taylor from Bar.”

I’m not talking about the one-night stand who bought you bagels the next morning. I’m not talking about your ex who you text every time you are bored and drunk.

I'm talking about the sort of romance we treat ourselves to, from the body pillows we hold onto tightly during those cold winter nights to the love affairs we vicariously live through in our favorite shows.

When we are left without a significant other to do the job, we ladies know how to TREAT OURSELVES to a little, good old fashioned winin’ and dinin’.

Here are 48 of the many, many romantic things us single women find ourselves doing when we are not dating anybody.

1. Buying two bottles of wine, having the guy at the liquor store say “Ooo, someone is having a party!” and then saying “Nope, this is for me because IM TREATING MYSELF. BAI."

2. Ordering and finishing an entire dinner for two all by yourself.

3. Enjoying a really romantic bubble bath with candles and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” on repeat (THE WORKS) all by yourself.

4. Shaving your legs in the winter.

5. Treating yourself to a night out on the town -- drinks on you!!

6. Actually Netflix and chilling (and you even respect yourself enough to let yourself actually watch the show you wanted to see).

7. Spending money on a blowout that you will realistically just wear to bed.

8. Buying a body pillow to have "someone" to hold onto at night.

9. Making yourself breakfast (and lunch and dinner) in bed.

10. Buying yourself a giant bouquet of flowers and having it sent to your office along with a note from “Your Secret Admirer, XOXOXOXO.”

11. Engaging in a sweet, loving nightlong embrace with your dog.

12. Whispering sweet nothings into your own ear.

13. Watching rom-coms alone because the only date you want is yourself

14. Liking all of your own social media posts.

15. Buying yourself a million pairs of harem pants and high-waisted jeans because they look amazing on you and guys don’t understand them and you DGAF.

16. Taking yourself to the movies.

17. Wining and dining yourself at the nicest restaurant in your neighborhood.

18. Sending really sexual snapchats to your best friends -- who have no interest in your naked body -- when you’re looking especially fly.

19. Literally saying things like “Well, no one in the world is as beautiful as me so…"

20. Swiping right 25 times on Tinder just to make sure you still got it.

21. Sending a detailed essay chronicling the pits and falls of your day in response to a simple “how r u?” on Hinge.

22. Checking out your own ass in the mirror.

23. Leaving the party for 15 minutes not to poop but to stare at yourself in pure awe of the beautiful creature standing before you.

24. Treating yourself to a mani-pedi because you are sexy, and you know it.

25. Dedicating a song to yourself.

26. Feeling up your own tits because they are perky, beautiful and sexy.

27. Bailing on plans with your friends because you have "date night" (with yourself).

28. Creating a fantasy love life for yourself on The Sims 4.

29. Telling your ex you feel bad for him because it’s all downhill from here and he can never do better.

30. Responding to creepy guys hitting on you at the clubs by giving a little too detailed of a description of your “boyfriend,” who would be SO angry and jealous.

31. Cooking a super romantic dinner for yourself.

32. Splitting a bottle of wine with yourself.

33. Going on Chatroulette and considering that “speed dating.”

34. Drunk texting yourself.

35. Binge watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and mistaking their love lives for your own.

36. Leaving love notes for yourself all over your bedroom (i.e “I love you.” “You are gorgeous!” “Great night with you last night.”).

37. Buying yourself makeup from Sephora online and attaching a note that reads “Hey sexy. Got you this makeup even though you don’t need it because you're so naturally beautiful. XO LOVE YOU.”

38. Changing your best friend’s name in your contacts from “Morgan” to something sexy and hot and manly like “Hunter.”

39. Making sure you got yourself home okay (i.e leaving a note on your bedroom door before you go out: “Glad you made it home safe. XO”).

40. Assuming every straight man who crosses your path is SO into you and spending an inappropriate amount of time fantasizing about it.

41. Waking up from some f*cking WEIRD sex dreams.

42. Writing in your diary about your deep undying love for yourself.

43. Screenshotting any particularly funny or nice conversations with your besties and reading them over and over again to remind yourself of how much you rock.

44. Buying edible panties… just as a snack.

45. Making your mom FaceTime you for hours before you fall asleep.

46. Re-reading old conversations with exes and reliving your romance from start to finish.

47. Referring to yourself as “BAE.”

48. Talking to all of your friends about the fat crush you have on yourself.