Role Call: The 5 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Crew


When it’s time to party, all you want to do is forget your frustrating workday, relax and meet a cute guy. In order to assure that you have a great night ahead, you quickly assemble an A-Team of girls. Even if the dude you meet has halitosis, or your boss is at the bar (AH!) — a solid night with solid friends will neutralize any negative energy you may meet.

You’re ready to call your friends, but then, you hesitate regarding whom you should call. Whether you have no money and are up for a relaxed night or you're dressed to impress, you want your night start with a good vibe.

In order to accomplish this, you must be strategic regarding whom you choose to surround yourself. So, check out the five types of girls you need in your crew to assure your night is unforgettably awesome.

The Hype Woman

This girl really knows how to get the party started. She’s pouring all the shots, talking to all the guests and making everyone smile. She’s funny, awesome, outgoing and sure to make everyone start off the night in a great mood. However, don’t depend on her to stick by your side for the entire party — she has other people’s moods to lift!

The Check Point

This girl is amazing because whether the party’s been going for 20 minutes or two hours, she rarely moves locations. You can depend on her to always be where she says she'll be and you can always check in with her to find out where other people are. She’s awesome, and has a great vibe.

The Partner In Crime

This girl is secretly your favorite because she’s equally as awesome and as dangerous as you are. She’s down for whatever and is the epitome of a ride-or-die chick. If you meet a new dude, she’s down to hang out with his roommate; if you want to ditch a party, she’s in the passenger seat with you!

The Mom

If it weren’t for this girl, no one would get home... ever. She is the one who organizes the troops, gets water for a puking friend and makes sure no man is left behind. While she may get overwhelmed at times, she is happy to be the dependable one — consider showing her your gratitude by paying for her brunch.

The Quiet Companion

This friend is a mix of the “Partner In Crime” and the “Checkpoint.” She differs, however, because her checkpoint is you, and if she’s down for the ride, she’s subtle and sneaky about it. She’s simply there to chill with you and quietly gossip about the entire party. She’s a great companion because she’s not overwhelming and she has hidden badass qualities!

So, there you have it; those are the five ladies that every girl should have in her crew. It may be tough to balance the whole crew at times, as no one individual will fit perfectly into a single category. However, once the five girls are together, it makes for a beautiful dynamic that ensures you (and everyone whom you encounter) a blast during nights out on the town. So, apply some makeup, call your girls and get ready to have an amazing time!

Photo credit: CW/Gossip Girl/Flickr