Roberto Cavalli Thinks Kate Middleton Should Dress Sexier


Kate Middleton is essentially untouchable. You would think that with someone in the public eye as much as a royal is, there would be a little bit of negative publicity around her. Nope, she’s as clean as a whistle.

Not only that, but her style is classic, not over the top, and is basically impossible to critique. She’s as perfect as perfect comes, who would ever want to change her? Apparently, Roberto Cavalli.

The Italian designer, who has a personality quite similar to that of Karl Lagerfeld’s, recently spoke to Vogue UK at a Harrods event celebrating a capsule collection of dresses he created for the store, about the Duchess.

“A princess should be sexy. She is young, she is beautiful—I would like to create something special for her, but nothing too bold. I would like to prove to the world that Roberto Cavalli can dress a princess. Maybe I would use a print, keeping it young, sophisticated and sexy. Just because you are a queen or princess it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.”

First of all, Kate’s pregnant, so let’s not get carried away with wanting her to be sexy. Secondly, being a queen or princess means that you have to carry a modest and untarnished image, as you are a reflection of your entire country and government. So no, she cannot be dressing sexily.

It sounds as if Cavalli’s motives are more in favor of his own publicity, instead of in the best interests of making the Princess look good.

Photo Credit: WENN